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Happy Birthday, F. Scott Fitzgerald

So you see that old libel that we were cynics and skeptics was nonsense from the beginning. On the contrary we were the great believers. — F. Scott Fitzgerald, “My Generation” Fitzgerald was one of those writers I liked right … Continue reading

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Audrie & Daisy (2016)

A very unnerving and upsetting Netflix documentary about sexual assault in high school, bullying, social media. My review of Audrie & Daisy is now up at

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R.I.P. Curtis Hanson

8 Mile took over my life for a time. I saw it on its opening day. I returned 3 or maybe 4 more times. I was a Slim Shady fan from the beginning and had felt apprehensive about the film, … Continue reading

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Southwest of Salem (2016)

I saw red watching the documentary Southwest of Salem, about the “San Antonio Four”, four lesbians accused of gang-raping two children in 1994. They all got lengthy prison sentences, even though there was zero evidence of a crime, and even … Continue reading

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How It Went Down, Or: As I Remember It: Two Separate Things Became One Thing.

Preamble I was diagnosed bipolar in February of 2013, after months of first being in a manic state, before moving into a period of rapid cycling. I had no sense of how dangerous it was because I have lived this … Continue reading

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Film Comment: Dean Stockwell “Sweet Agony”

Pretty happy with the layout of the “Dean Stockwell spread”. The Film Comment folks did an incredible job, and the screen-grabs they found are eloquent, illustrating the many scenes I mentioned in the essay. Still catching up with the rest … Continue reading

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The 2996 Project: In Memory of Michael J. Pascuma, Jr.

The 2,996 project is an ongoing collective tribute to the victims of the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001. I signed up during its first year (in 2006). You were assigned a name, at random, of one of the people … Continue reading

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The Two Days That Came Before

September 9 I rushed to meet my sister Siobhan for a drink. We were convening at Astor Bar, one of our favorite places in the city. It was in a central location, it was close to Siobhan’s job and it … Continue reading

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Review: Kicks (2016): Really special. Go see it.

There have been so many incredible first features this year. Kicks is another one. Highly recommend it. My review of Kicks is now up at

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Review: The Wild Life (2016)

The Robinson Crusoe story told by the animals on the island. It’s all right. My review of The Wild Life is now up at

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