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More Ebertfest 2015

The next film shown at Ebertfest was Celine Sciamma’s Girlhood (an extraordinary film about 4 black girls, teenagers, living in a housing project in a Parisian suburb – my review here). As with many of these films, I had seen … Continue reading

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Ebertfest 2015 (Thus Far)

It’s good to be back in Champaign-Urbana for Ebertfest. This is my third year going and it’s wonderful to meet up with the same people, volunteers, staff, other guests in attendance. It has a very homey atmosphere, a family atmosphere. … Continue reading

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Tribeca Film Festval 2015: Gored and Among the Believers

Two more interesting documentaries playing at Tribeca: Gored, about Antonio Barrera, who has the distinction (?) of being the “most gored” matador in history – and Among the Believers, a complex and intricate documentary about the controversial (to put it … Continue reading

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Tribeca Film Festival 2015: In Transit (Albert Maysles’ final film)

Pioneering documentary film-maker Albert Maysles (Grey Gardens, Gimme Shelter, and the list goes on from that stunning standpoint) died just last month. He has two films coming out posthumously, one being Iris, about Iris Apfel, the style maven with the … Continue reading

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Tribeca Film Festival 2015

The two festivals overlap every year, but thankfully Tribeca runs for a couple of weeks, and Ebertfest is just four jam-packed days. I’ve “covered” both before and it made me feel like I was breaking the spacetime continuum. I was … Continue reading

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Ebertfest 2015

My hair is huge, my hair is ablaze, and I am ready for Ebertfest 2015. The lineup of films and guests is awesome. I’ll be participating in one of the panels (“Challenging Stigma Through the Arts”), as well as presenting/participating … Continue reading

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“There fell upon the ear the most terrible noise that human beings ever listened to – the cries of hundreds of people struggling in the icy cold water, crying for help with a cry we knew could not be answered.”

– Ruth, “Titanic” survivor On the night of April 14, 1912, the RMS Titanic of the White Star Line hit an iceberg in the North Atlantic and sank, killing 1,517 people, due to not enough lifeboats for all the passengers … Continue reading

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The Autobiography of Nicolae Ceaușescu (2010); directed by Andrei Ujică

Of all the Eastern Bloc countries that gained independence after the spectacular fall of the Soviet Union, only in Romania were the former Communist leaders yanked down off the throne and killed. All the other leaders slunk away, unharmed. But … Continue reading

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Ricky Nelson and James Burton

James Burton, of course, is known for being Elvis’ guitarist throughout the 1970s, but he played with everyone, most notably Ricky Nelson. Listen to some of that old Ricky Nelson stuff. Listen to Burton’s guitar solos. Astonishing stuff. Completely contemporary, … Continue reading

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The Books: Aspects of the Novel: ‘Prophecy,’ by E.M. Forster

On the essays shelf (yes, there are still more books to excerpt in my vast library. I can’t seem to stop this excerpts-from-my-library project. I started it in 2006!) NEXT BOOK: Aspects of the Novel, a series of lectures by … Continue reading

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