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Easter Egg Hunt at Graceland

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La Marseillaise

And this too. One World Trade, in the spot where the Twin Towers used to be, last night. The colors of France.

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Terrible Times

What a terrible and sad day yesterday. So angry. You can donate directly to the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church through a button on their homepage.

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“His” “Her”, etc.

My great friend Alexandra Billings weighs in beautifully on the Bruce/Caitlyn thing over at the Huffington Post. As we figure this out, all of us together, let’s try to keep in mind that the beautiful part of you is always … Continue reading

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I hope this news makes Jafar Panahi smile in vindication. Wherever he is. Disobeying his house arrest and making another illegal movie, hopefully. It’s about time, you neanderthals. If you haven’t seen Panahi’s film Offside (my review here), which features … Continue reading

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Elvis On Ice

The Mississippi RiverKings hockey team originated in Memphis and every year they have an “Elvis Presley Night,” commemorated with different team jerseys. Last year, the jersey paid tribute to Elvis’ 1973 televised special from Hawaii Aloha from Hawaii. And this … Continue reading

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100 years of style in 100 seconds

This is a lot of fun.

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On Spinsters

Jessa Crispin, aka Book Slut, has been writing a lot about the term “spinster” lately, and her posts have been fascinating. I saw Maleficent the other day (more to come), and I’ve been thinking a lot about it, in conjunction … Continue reading

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Totally Badass

And even more badass was that he got a bunch of responses and after everything, after all the trials they went through, every single one of the men returned.

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Stuff I’ve Been Reading

— “I think she is a terrible driver + an ENORMOUS PIECE OF SHIT MOTHERFUCKING ASSHOLE. How fucking entitled do you have to be to behave like this? She should be arrested and have her license revoked, and if I … Continue reading

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