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For Laurence Olivier’s Birthday: “You’ve Got a Fucking Cheek, Haven’t You?”

Happy birthday, Laurence Olivier! Here’s a funny anecdote from Antony Sher’s book Year of the King: An Actor’s Diary and Sketchbook, his diary detailing his process rehearsing (and creating) Richard III at the Royal Shakespeare Company. Sher was daunted by … Continue reading

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A Streetcar Named Desire: That’s What Williams Wrote. Deal With It.

A re-post for Tennessee Williams’ birthday about a 2011 production of Streetcar at Williamstown Directed by David Cromer Starring Sam Rockwell as Stanley Kowalski, Jessica Hecht as Blanche DuBois, Ana Reeder as Stella, and Daniel Stewart Sherman as Mitch. Kerry … Continue reading

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“Make voyages! — Attempt them! — there’s nothing else …” Happy Birthday, Tennessee Williams

Tennessee Williams (Thomas Lanier Williams) was born on this day in Columbus, Mississippi in 1911. Will you do a total stranger the kindness of reading his verse? Thank you! Thomas Lanier Williams — Tennessee Williams, letter to editor Harriet Monroe, … Continue reading

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On This Day: March 24, 1955: Cat on a Hot Tin Roof opened on Broadway.

Cat on a Hot Tin Roof opened on this day, in 1955, in New York. Brooks Atkinson, one of Williams’s staunchest critic supporters, wrote: “[The play seemed] not to have been written. It is the quintessence of life.” The performances … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday, Henrik Ibsen

Famous acting teacher Stella Adler in a transcribed lecture to her acting class on playing Ibsen. She BEGGED her students to stop thinking about themselves, about their emotions, about the scenes. She wanted them to be curious about the world, … Continue reading

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Hamilton on the Grammys

To be a broken record: I cannot believe that I have lived to see this happen. That I am alive at a time when this is happening. When this game-changing show – about a man I have loved since I … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday, Anton Chekhov

“Describe at least one rehearsal of Three Sisters for me. Isn’t there anything which needs adding or subtracting? Are you acting well, my darling? But watch out now! Don’t pull a sad face in the first act. Serious, yes, but … Continue reading

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On This Day: December 3, 1947

A Streetcar Named Desire opened in New York at the Ethel Barrymore Theatre. Scene 5, Streetcar Named Desire BLANCHE: Young man! Young, young, young man! Has anyone ever told you that you look like a young Prince out of the … Continue reading

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Barbara Meek, Part 2: Patsy Rodenburg’s Lecture “Why I Do Theatre”

Please watch. It’s so important. Acting teacher Patsy Rodenburg gives one of the most extraordinary explanations from any artist about why they do what they do, why they put up with the bullshit, what they are really after in such … Continue reading

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R.I.P. Barbara Meek

Growing up in Rhode Island, the Tony-Award-winning regional theatre Trinity Repertory Company, located in Providence, was an engrained part of my childhood. I saw productions there every year. Every year they put on a production of A Christmas Carol, with … Continue reading

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