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Syncopated Ladies: Tap-Dancing Tribute to Prince

The Syncopated Ladies are a tap-dancing group based in Los Angeles, headed up by Chloe Arnold (she and her sister Maud were both featured in the wonderful documentary Tap World). They have a Facebook group where you can see their … Continue reading

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R.I.P. Burt Kwouk, aka “Cato”

Actor Burt Kwouk has died at the age of 85. Kwouk’s most well-known role was “Cato”, the ninja-manservant of Inspector Clouseau in the Pink Panther franchise. I was a child going to the Pink Panther movies (they were major Events … Continue reading

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2010 Paris Review Interview with Katherine Dunn

Over on Facebook, there’s been a public mourning over the death of Geek Love author Katherine Dunn as intense as the passing of Prince. It’s not as huge a population, but it’s as devoted. My friend Mitchell said, “I see … Continue reading

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R.I.P. Katherine Dunn

“I have been a believer in the magic of language since, at a very early age, I discovered that some words got me into trouble and others got me out.” -Katherine Dunn In 2009, a news story emerged from the … Continue reading

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You Don’t Own Me: Happy Birthday Lesley Gore

A re-post of what I wrote when Lesley Gore died last year at the age of 68. Below you will find a clip of Lesley Gore, performing “You Don’t Own Me”, on the now-mythical 1964 T.A.M.I. Show, directed by Steve … Continue reading

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Prince and Lenny Kravitz: “American Woman”

The white-hot pansexual-yet-ALPHA-MALE sex appeal on that stage is almost too much for me to handle.

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“Steve Winwood said, ‘Hey, Prince is over there.’ And I said, ‘I guess he’s playing with us?'”- Steve Ferrone, drummer for Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers

There has been so much ink spilled on that epic Prince guitar solo during the 2004 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame performance of “While My Guitar Gently Weeps,” and I love it all. (I read a piece yesterday, I’ll … Continue reading

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Laura Hillenbrand on Prince’s “Kiss”

I have only found this on Laura Hillenbrand’s Facebook page, so I just cut and paste the text because I think it’s important and beautiful. Laura Hillenbrand, of course, is the author of Seabiscuit: An American Legend and Unbroken: A … Continue reading

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Two Beautiful Ones: Prince and Misty Copeland

This has been making the rounds but it’s so beautiful I wanted to share it, just in case people haven’t seen it. Imagine what this means. Ballet is not a mainstream pursuit. People are gigantic stars in the ballet world … Continue reading

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Dearly Beloved, We Are Gathered Here Today

I am too shocked and crushed to even say much. He was the music of my youth. I lost my virginity to a Prince song, because that’s what you did in the late 80s. Even if you didn’t put it … Continue reading

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