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His Name Was Rico. He Wore a Diamond.

The ATM at the Copacabana, 47th Street, New York, NY.

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A Fingerprint

I came home the other night and opened my mailbox. There was a big envelope there, with my name written on it. No return address. But I recognized the handwriting immediately. From an old old flame of mine, a major … Continue reading

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It’s Fall

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“Mortified” Show Cousin/Sibling O’Malley Collage

Cousin Joshua and cousin Ian backstage at this past week’s Mortified show (Tuesday and Wednesday night). Ian is a jazz drummer, and Joshua is a jazz trumpeter. Joshua works/lives at West Point, and starts every day playing reveille for the … Continue reading

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Backstage at Mortified

Cousin Matt backstage, running through one of our songs we would be doing, I think the Coldplay one. “Every part of this song ….” said Matt, searching for the words, “…. goes on for way too long.” My sister is … Continue reading

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An Ode to E.B. White and a Very Special Teacher

I post this every year at the beginning of the school year, in honor of all the teachers out there – the teachers I know, and the teachers I’ve had. Here is my favorite teacher-story of all. You make a … Continue reading

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A Rhode Island Day

Spent the entire day outside, bumming around Rhode Island, with my two old and dear friends, Mitchell and Luisa. We went to Newport. We hung out. We sat on the beach for three hours. We got clam cakes. We checked … Continue reading

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Me and my brother in the front yard. We’re both in college. Off to some picnic/baseball game. Just unearthed this photo the other day. I am not sure why we are dressed alike. It was not planned.

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The Elvis Puzzle

Every year, we stay in the same house, a big rambling old house, with a gigantic wraparound porch, perched on the edge of a huge hill that leads down to the lake. Our family has grown exponentially this year, with … Continue reading

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Vacationing With a Family of Project Runway Fans

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