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It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these, which used to be a regular feature. — I went to the beach on Saturday to escape the mugginess, the stickiness, and because I am bogged down with two deadlines, … Continue reading

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Behind the Scenes

Thank goodness my writing process makes sense to me, at least.

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For Father’s Day

Seen yesterday in Brooklyn. I love how the sign across the street is a potential clue to the complexities involved in the question.

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Playing With a Full Deck

Headed off to the Bloomsday celebration yesterday – the one I go to every year – with my collectors-item James-Joyce-Ulysses-themed deck of cards. Because it’s important to be prepared.

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Stuff I’ve Been Reading

I’ve been on the move. Out in LA for 6 days, staying first with Alex and Chrisanne, and then checking into the Hotel California with my mother and two sisters. There was no pink champagne on ice, and we were … Continue reading

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It’s his birthday today.

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Seen on the Subway Platform Late Last Night

She still makes people stop dead in their tracks. And stare. Hoping that the light she gives off will reflect on them. It’s her birthday coming up.

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Clearly I’m Doing Something Right

… because in a 24-hour period: 1. Charlie sent me some random texts about the Mitford Sisters. For no particular reason. But if you need to talk about the Mitfords, I am obviously your girl. 2. My cousin Mike hooked … Continue reading

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On the Move

The sea wall. My home state. Skateboarders and ocean. Recovery almost complete from the two months of insanity that were March and April.

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July and Half of August: Some Screengrabs

Last February there was the madness of making a movie, with serious discussions about pool balls, how to film neon signs, how to hide Green Bay Packers memorabilia, Annika/Monica confusion, plus what kind of ice cubes go in a glass … Continue reading

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