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Alexandra Billings hosts The Ovation Awards

Alexandra Billings is one of my best friends. I am grateful for her presence in my life every day. I feel the same way about her wife Chrisanne. I’ve watched with happiness (and no amazement at all) at all that … Continue reading

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#TBT You Make a Grown Girl Cry

Memory Lane Preamble When I first moved to Chicago, I got cast in a show the first week I was there. I had no professional head shots, but I wangled an audition anyway and booked it. I needed to get … Continue reading

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From the Dusty Vaults: Awkward Bored Bed-Rumpled Slightly Disreputable Actors All in Black With Funereal Attitudes Submit To An Interview

Wait. Where am I? What is being said to me? Someone help me. These images are pretty hilarious, sans context. Or maybe it is only the context that makes them hilarious. Or maybe it’s only Michael and me who find … Continue reading

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My Parents’ Anniversary

My parents on their snowy wedding day. (That’s my O’Malley grandfather, known to his grand-kids as “Pop”, sitting in the background. If you’d like to see how spiffy Pop was, take a look at this treasured photo of my O’Malley … Continue reading

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Valentine’s Day Story #2: The Spitball Valentine

In the 6th grade, I was passionately in love with a boy named Andrew Wright. My love for him had begun to blossom tentatively in the fifth grade, but the sensation that exploded in sixth grade was real love, no … Continue reading

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Valentine’s Day Story #1: An Eyeball and a Dozen Roses

I was living in Chicago, having a grand old time. There were a couple of men buzzing around me. One of them (sweet, nice, a guy I had seen perform numerous times – he was HILARIOUS, his most important quality) … Continue reading

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Packing/Unpacking Montage

I haven’t been around these here parts much in the last 2 weeks. I moved to a new apartment on February 1 (and the move was somewhat unexpected. It all happened – finding apartment, applying, getting approved – in a … Continue reading

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Everything You Need To Know About Me Is In This Photo

Unpacking my bookshelves, putting books in piles every which way. I will organize on the other end, once I’m moved into the new place. This particular pile caught my eye. Sometimes in the chaos of life you see something – … Continue reading

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National Parks

We drove around the country in a van for months. We had no address except for that van. We slept in it. We stopped places for a couple days, a week. We hiked, camped. We made stops at probably 10 … Continue reading

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For Today, But Really Every Day: Ladies I Love

I love these women for a variety of reasons: they inspire, they entertain, they challenge, they leave me in awed silence, they provoke, or they were “there” in my most formative years, holding out a torch to lead the way. … Continue reading

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