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Dramatic Sky. Dramatic Waves.

At the beach yesterday. Thought the storm would overtake the beach but it didn’t. The waves were big, rolling in one after the other. I had a great swim. Lay on my blanket, reading Evelyn Waugh’s Sword of Honor (already … Continue reading

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Throwback Thursday

I’m 17, my boyfriend is 22, we’re going to my Prom, and I’m pissed. The drama going on behind the scenes is nearly personality-shattering in its entirety. It felt like the entire school was involved. Ridiculous, but whatever, I was … Continue reading

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It’s Finally Bikini Weather

I do NOT look happy with what is happening. Perhaps it is because my bikini is cutting off my circulation.

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The Miracle of Merging: Boys on the Beach

I was at the beach on Friday. It was a beautiful day. Glorious big waves. I was sitting in between two totally separate groups of guys and I watched as they merged, and the merging happened tentatively (for about 2 … Continue reading

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49th and 7th

A bit of an anxious day yesterday. A billboard like this one is almost visibly relaxing.

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How I Know It’s Summer

I walk into any given room in my apartment and this is what I see.

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Dad and Me

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Nothing like New York when a storm approaches. Yesterday the air was muggy and thick. I walked uptown to the screening room, and started feeling whooshes of cold air careening in from the west. Storm a-coming. The light was ominous … Continue reading

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The Flatiron Building

Yesterday was such a beautiful spring day. I walked downtown to meet a friend in Union Square. It was sunny and cool, with a nice spring wind. I had gotten a lot done this weekend in my writing projects. I … Continue reading

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John and Gena

In 1992, Gena Rowlands gave an interview to Gary Indiana for Interview magazine. It was a generous interview, with a gorgeous spread of photographs, many of them taken by the legendary Sam Shaw (who took so many famous photos of … Continue reading

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