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For International Women’s Day: Ladies I Love

I love them for a variety of reasons: they inspire, they entertain, they challenge, they leave me in awed silence, they provoke, or, most importantly, they were “there” in my most formative years, and held out a torch to lead … Continue reading

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Coffee Break?

The Dark Knight, on a bitingly cold day, stalking through Times Square.

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Everything Reminds Me of Inherent Vice

During my run in Long Beach. Opening shot of Inherent Vice, just for reference.

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Signs in Los Angeles

My long-standing obsession with old-fashioned signage is so satisfied when I am in Los Angeles that it’s damn near overwhelming. It’s so romantic.

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Making a Movie

Brandeaux Tourville, the director, and John DeGomez, production assistant. There’s a craft services table back there, and there’s Matt Magallon, the producer. And later, a taco truck pulled up into the back driveway of the bar, a dude set up … Continue reading

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Boys with Pipes and Goggles, On a Road Somewhere

My grandfather, Anthony Vincent O’Malley, on a road trip to Canada with his buddies, 1920. He’s the greaser on the far right. LOOK at those gorgeous goofballs. My grandmother referred to this road trip as “the infamous trip to Canada” … Continue reading

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Elvis in Los Angeles

My first day in Los Angeles, I drove up from Long Beach to meet up with my brother, my cousin Mike, offices on Sunset Boulevard. We had the table-read that night, and I had a couple of hours to kill … Continue reading

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A Very Good Omen

I walked into the bar where we would be shooting. It was a bee-hive of energy, people running around with light meters and equipment, moving bar stools, covering up Green Bay Packers logos … There was nothing for me to … Continue reading

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The actors in place, lighting being set up around them. I love these two people. Miraculous and talented angels. Focus-puller/camera-man (loved him) checking out the upcoming shot. Tail-end of the night. Pick-up shots just for sound, ice in the glass, … Continue reading

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The Slate

I looked at that slate, with my script title on it, and had a vague feeling of, “Yeah. This is a major moment … I can tell, intellectually, that this is pretty major” but I was too busy working to … Continue reading

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