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Throwback: A Photoshoot Turned Dark

A long time ago, in Chicago, working as an actress, I saw a friend’s head shots and really liked the photographer’s unique style. So I made an appointment with the photographer. He worked out of one of the huge warehouses … Continue reading

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September 14, 2001: Merging With a Crowd

I post this today not to “make it about me” but because the disoriented/disorienting memories of those days are still fresh in my mind and the “crowd-merge” impulse is one that fascinates me. These stories below represent the only times … Continue reading

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Topics Allison and I Discussed This Weekend

Corporate America — Amazon — Work culture — CEO as possible sociopath New York Times public editor’s function as independent reactor/ombudsman The structure of German U-Boats — claustrophobia — gross smells — the sinking of said U-boats ——-scratches found on … Continue reading

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An Ode to E.B. White and a Very Special Teacher

I post this every year at the beginning of the school year, in honor of all the teachers out there – the teachers I know, and the teachers I’ve had. Here is my favorite teacher-story of all. You make a … Continue reading

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Keith McAuliffe

A re-post. It was my high school reunion this past Friday. I couldn’t go and apparently I missed a doozy. In other words, someone was tazed by the cops at my high school reunion. I heard all about it this … Continue reading

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Where I Am

Finished one book. Starting another. Family. All of us here, no one missing.

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It was a drizzly morning. I went to an early movie this morning before my doctor’s appointment. Movie was down in Union Square, near my docs, so emerging from the subway is when you walk into Chess-Land. It had started … Continue reading

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— I have found this whole story of the of the two escaped prisoners extremely riveting, and, I admit it, entertaining. I hope they both are found because they sound like terrible and dangerous people. But the details! It’s hilarious. … Continue reading

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Rainy Twilight

It’s been cold and rainy here. A couple nights ago I came out of the Times building, into the chilly drizzle. It was 6 p.m. (I’ve learned that if I get on the bus at 6, I’m home relatively quickly. … Continue reading

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It’s His Birthday Today

I love you, Dad.

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