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“I would commit suicide if I were in this position.”

A really charming and funny post, written by my pal Matt Zoller Seitz, on watching “Aliens” with a bunch of kids at his son’s slumber party. None of the kids had seen it before. The title of this post is … Continue reading

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February 2015: Viewing Diary

Two Days, One Night (2014; Jean-Pierre Dardenne, Luc Dardenne). My friend Dan referred to the movie as a “Sunday school lesson” and, you know, I can see his point. But I found it absolutely riveting, one of the best portraits … Continue reading

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The Widowmaker (2015)

I reviewed the new documentary The Widowmaker, about heart disease and the battle over prevention vs. intervention in the cardiology community, for It’s a fascinating story. My review of The Widowmaker is here.

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Farewell to Hollywood (2015)

I reviewed the documentary Farewell to Hollywood for The Dissolve. Have to call it like I see it.

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Love Me Tender (1956): The 4 Musical Numbers

I’m really excited about an upcoming piece I’ll have in the next issue of Bright Wall/Dark Room about Love Me Tender, Elvis’ film debut in 1956. I won’t go on and on here about it until the piece launches in … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday, Luis Buñuel

Today is Luis Buñuel’s birthday! Exchange from Whit Stillman’s great film Metropolitan: CHARLIE: Do you know the French film, “The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie”? When I first heard the title, I thought, “Finally, someone’s going to tell the truth … Continue reading

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If We Picked the Winners: Marion Cotillard for Best Actress, Two Days, One Night

The contributors at took a poll for the Oscars, picking who we each wanted to win in all of the main categories of the Academy Awards. The votes were tallied, and the results are in. Over this week, each … Continue reading

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The Slate

I looked at that slate, with my script title on it, and had a vague feeling of, “Yeah. This is a major moment … I can tell, intellectually, that this is pretty major” but I was too busy working to … Continue reading

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John Wick (2014)

The great Stephanie Zacharek wrote two pieces about John Wick in The Village Voice. Highly recommended reading (maybe after you’ve seen the film, which you definitely should): Keanu Reeves is Just Plain Awesome in John Wick How John Wick Restored … Continue reading

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The 50 Best Films of The Decade, So Far

The Dissolve polled their writers for a list of their favorite films of the decade so far, and they came up with a master ranked list, based on everyone’s choices. We each had to contribute capsule reviews for a couple … Continue reading

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