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Attn: Jazz Buffs + People Who Saw Whiplash

I am no jazz buff. I liked Whiplash (with some serious reservations), but didn’t know enough to really judge the music being presented. It’s not like watching a movie about Alexander Hamilton or Stalin or Elvis, where I would be … Continue reading

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Review: Spa Night (2016)

A gentle and slow and repressed “coming out but not really” story, taking place in the Koreatown neighborhood in Los Angeles. A first feature. Pacing-wise and story-wise, it has a couple of issues, but in general it’s a good film … Continue reading

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Review: Disorder (2016)

Apparently, it’s Matthias Schoenaerts Week on my blog. Alice Winocour directs. Disorder is a thriller but it’s more a psychological study of one PTSD-traumatized man, played by Matthias Schoenaerts. Highly recommended. My review of Disorder is now up at

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Interview with Alice Winocour, director of Disorder

Diane Kruger, Matthias Schoenaerts, “Disorder,” opening today My review of Disorder, starring Matthias Schoenaerts as Vincent, a PTSD-traumatized soldier home from Afghanistan, and Diane Kruger, wife of a shady businessman Vincent is hired to guard, goes up today on … Continue reading

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Great Movie Posters

A meme has been going around Facebook to post your favorite movie poster of “a great film.” It’s been a lot of fun to see all the different artwork posted by people. Figured I’d share some of them. First, I … Continue reading

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For On Joan Crawford and Sudden Fear

Joan Crawford got her third (and final) Oscar nomination for her performance in 1952’s Sudden Fear, a film I’ve wrote about ad nauseum, here and elsewhere. The film has been restored and is starting a short theatrical run at the … Continue reading

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Riotous Excursions: Baz Luhrmann’s The Great Gatsby

I contributed a piece to Bright Wall Dark Room’s August “Literary Adaptations” issue, and I wrote on a film I’ve been wanting to write about – and celebrate – for a long time (or, ever since it came out): Baz … Continue reading

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Review: Bullhead (2011)

Jacky is huge. A hulk of a man. Back muscles and shoulder muscles ripple and bulge as he shadow-boxes ferociously in the bathroom with sickly underwater-sea-green light, a room that is his private domain. Sometimes he climbs into the tub, … Continue reading

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Little Men (2016) d. Ira Sachs

Little Men, directed by one of my favorite film-makers, Ira Sachs, is wonderful. My review of Little Men is now up at

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Stuff I’ve Been Reading

— Wonderful article by my friend Farran for Film Comment on Tim Holt, who has appeared in a couple of masterpieces, as well as a steady career in B-Westerns (one of my favorite kinds of careers). I love him in … Continue reading

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