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Review: Bad Behaviour (2024)

Jennifer Connelly’s performance is WILD and really REALLY out there. It’s very much my jam. I wish the movie was better but … the performance!! I reviewed for Ebert.

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Review: Just the Two of Us (2024)

Virginie Efira is a new fave. Revoir Paris, which I put top of the list of my watches last year, was what really got me on board, but when I backtracked I was like, “Oh. Okay. Wow. She’s been crushing … Continue reading

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“I like to demonstrate a sense of fun and leadership on the set when I’m there.” — Treat Williams

It’s his birthday today. His death is such a loss! In Sydney Lumet’s Making Movies, he talked about the choice to cast Treat Williams in Prince of the City: I wasn’t sure whether we were in drama or tragedy territory … Continue reading

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For Liberties: Interview with Sean Abley, co-editor of Queer Horror: A Film Guide

For the next essay in my “Movies Before Breakfast” column at Liberties magazine, I interviewed Sean Abley about his upcoming book Queer Horror: A Film Guide (a book which he co-edited). 8 writers are on the marquee, all of whom … Continue reading

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“If you have to be in a soap opera try not to get the worst role.” — Judy Garland

It’s the great, the irreplaceable, Judy Garland’s birthday. The screengrab above is from John Cassavetes’ 1963 film A Child is Waiting. This film is not really well-known, except among Cassavetes/Garland completists – but some serious Cassavetes fans don’t know about … Continue reading

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“The only gossip I’m interested in is things from the Weekly World News – ‘Woman’s bra bursts, 11 injured’. That kind of thing.” — Johnny Depp

It’s his birthday today. In recent years, he has been taken up/hijacked/ by his personal problems and his terrible misguided marriage and subsequent trial. Before, he was taken up with gargantuan franchises, etc., and some of the clarity of his … Continue reading

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May 2024 Viewing Diary

Forward Fast (2024; d. Lorraine Sovern) I met Lorraine at the Florida Film Festival. Someone I was talking to at a party told me about her work and about this short film. He then pulled her over to our group … Continue reading

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“When people ask me if I am a feminist film maker, I reply I am a woman and I also make films.” — Chantal Akerman

It’s her birthday today. The news of the death of pioneering Belgian filmmaker Chantal Akerman in 2015 came as a shock. She was young. 65 years old. Even worse, it was reported as a potential suicide. Either way, it was … Continue reading

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“Rock n’ roll! It’s the music of puberty.” — Suzi Quatro

Suzy Quatro was born on this day. In July of 2020 , I reviewed the documentary Suzi Q, about Suzi Quatro. Because it was July 2020, the tour she had planned, alongside the doc, had to be canceled. Or, at … Continue reading

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Review: Ezra (2024)

I reviewed Ezra, directed by Tony Goldwyn, with a killer cast: Bobby Cannavale, Rose Byrne, Robert DeNiro and newcomer, William Fitzgerald. The movie wants to do two things and it does one of them very well. Review on Ebert.

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