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Two Scenes Where Actors Climb Over Fences: Compare and Contrast

First, we have Liam Neeson jumping over a fence in Taken 3, with a total of 15 cuts in a moment that lasts seconds. (I hope the link to this Tweet works. I could not track down the Gif anywhere … Continue reading

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Tonight: The Core Club: Screening of Something Wild (1961)

I’m honored to moderate a QA session tonight at the Core Club with director Jack Garfein after a screening of his long-forgotten (but not anymore) masterpiece Something Wild, starring Carroll Baker and Ralph Meeker (with Mildred Dunnock in a small … Continue reading

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Review: This Beautiful Fantastic (2017)

This is the type of movie where fans of the movie get really REALLY mad when a critic doesn’t like it. Oh well. My review of This Beautiful Fantastic is now up at

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The Muriel Awards 2016: My Entry on Isabelle Huppert in Elle

Every year, the Muriel Awards – an alternate and online award – chooses folks to vote on the best of the year in film. Each voter fills in an extensive ballot. Ballots are tallied. It’s always a wonderful and somewhat … Continue reading

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Review: Catfight (2017)

Catfight is crazy. I liked it. My review of Catfight is now up at

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Review: Kiki (2017)

A documentary from a Swedish filmmaker about the Harlem underground ballroom scene. It’s really a film of LGBTQ activism, as represented by what the various ballroom “houses” provide for their community, mainly queer/trans kids of color who have nowhere else … Continue reading

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February 2017 Viewing Diary

Silence (2016; d. Martin Scorsese) I was completely flattened by this gorgeous and overwhelming movie. Most of the Oscar winners pale in comparison to what was going on in this film, directed by an absolute master. Passionate, reflective, powerful. 50 … Continue reading

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“Come on, Oscar, let’s you and me get drunk!”

To all the Oscar-winners tonight, congratulations! But just remember: chances are at one point in your life you will be like Bette Davis in The Star, talking to your Oscar as you drive drunk through Beverly Hills, wondering if you … Continue reading

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The Importance of Editing

Here’s a great cut. A startling cut. A cut that tells the whole story. One image to the other: Boom. Michael Luciano was the editor of What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?. He worked with Robert Aldrich quite a bit … Continue reading

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Review: American Fable (2017)

I reviewed American Fable, the REALLY impressive debut from writer-director Anne Hamilton for

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