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Kerry Ellis: “As Long As He Needs Me”

I thank my friend Alex for sharing this clip of Kerry Ellis (a wonderful actress and singer) as Nancy in Oliver!, singing “As Long As He Needs Me”. The song is so famous and it has been done by everyone. … Continue reading

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Duke, O’Hara, and Ford

I finished Scott Eyman’s magnificent biography of John Wayne (John Wayne: The Life and Legend), and could not recommend it more highly. While the book deserves only praise for its delving into Wayne’s filmography, the true strength of the book … Continue reading

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Hondo (1953) at MoMA: John Wayne in 3D

Perfect timing: I’ve been absolutely loving Scott Eyman’s biography of John Wayne: John Wayne: The Life and Legend. It’s so good, people. It’s the biography that this icon deserves. I’m not done with it yet, and I’ll post more on … Continue reading

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Happy 85th to Gena Rowlands, Living Legend

Here’s a brief clip from the video-essay written/narrated by me about the work of Gena Rowlands, included in the special features on the Criterion release of Love Streams. If you haven’t seen this masterpiece yet, what are you waiting for? … Continue reading

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“You Seem Really Really Bitter. I’m Still Talking.” – Alexandra Billings

Things Are Going Great For Me with J. Claude Deering: Alex Billings (Transparent) – watch more funny videos “This seems very … frail.” Dying …

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Happy Birthday, Judy Garland

It is interesting that earlier today I posted on Bjork’s gestures in her “Black Lake” video. Because today is Judy Garland’s birthday, and (along with Elvis Presley and John Wayne), she is the Master of Gesture. Every moment full, every … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday, Dean Martin

From Dino: Living High in the Dirty Business of Dreams, by Nick Tosches. Getting to the heart of it all. His schoolmates had never really known him. Even his loving family could not tell for sure what lay within this … Continue reading

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“No bra, no panties, no problem!”

My friend Dan Callahan is always good but when he writes about acting, there is nobody else like him. His latest piece on Jean Harlow for The Chiseler is awesome.

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“Oh, well, men are climbing to the moon but they don’t seem interested in the beating human heart.” – Marilyn Monroe

Kim Morgan has posted the text of an extraordinary letter Marilyn Monroe wrote to her psychiatrist, Dr. Greenson, while she was locked up in a psychiatric ward. 1961. Post Misfits. It’s heartfelt, witty, intelligent. The poet John Ashbery makes an … Continue reading

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“I’m not interested in money. I just want to be wonderful.” – Happy Birthday, Marilyn Monroe

In honor of Marilyn Monroe’s birthday, please go read my friend Kim Morgan’s Playboy cover story about Monroe. One small excerpt from Kim’s piece: Silk and sandpaper. Love and sex. And again sex. As women, may we just have sex … Continue reading

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