In Case You Haven’t Noticed, This Is a Blog

I am under no obligation to present anything in a fair and balanced way. NONE. Absolutely NONE.

I do not need to present both sides of every argument, I do not need to give equal space to the opposing side, I do not have to present all aspects of every issue to make sure I am fair.

If you are so upset about what I write about, and want me to give more time to your pet issues, I have one message:

Well, at first I was just going to say that the message was: Get your own damn blog and stop bothering me.

But then I realized that the REAL message is:

What the hell is wrong with you?

If I want to post about James Joyce non-stop for the next 3 years, I’ll do it. Maybe I’ll get no traffic – but that’s my perogative. I post what I post here because it pleases me to do so, and it pleases me no end that people visit me and read whatever it is that I put here. Maybe you like my movie posts, maybe somebody else likes the politics stuff, maybe others only visit me on Fridays for the diary entries … that’s all good, man. I love and appreciate you all.

This is just a reminder for the pesky few who are bummed that I haven’t been covering anything ELSE but James Joyce for the past 2 days and wrote me whiny emails about it.

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29 Responses to In Case You Haven’t Noticed, This Is a Blog

  1. Emily says:

    Well, I was just going to tell you that you should be more careful about posting stuff that doesn’t meet with my personal approval and standards, but I simply don’t dare now…

  2. mitch says:

    And I was just going to whine about the recent lack of Bogart and Klemperer posts, but now that I know how you REALLY feel…

  3. Bill McCabe says:

    How dare you post whatever you want in a space you pay for, Sheila.

    I’m very disappointed that there was no equal time given to the “Humphrey Bogart sucks” crowd.

  4. red says:


    Oh that’s so funny. Yes: calling all Bogart haters! Today’s the day for you!!

  5. red says:


    I am feeling the need now to delve into John Garfield’s movies now. My video store does not, unfortunately, have The Postman Rings Twice. What else should I look for? Somehow, I thought you might have a recommendation…

  6. red says:


    I will send you each and every post from now on – before it goes up – to make sure it passes the test.


  7. Ken Hall says:

    That’s “prerogative”…or, if you prefer (as I do), “pierogi”. ;-)

  8. red says:

    I type too fast. I also don’t have spell-check in Movable Type.

  9. red says:

    But I do enjoy pierogis.

  10. Emily says:

    That sounds reasonable, Sheila. While we’re on the subject, please refrain from writing about Jane Austen, because I really don’t like her very much.


  11. red says:

    Okay – if you never write about Margaret Atwood’s books since 1986. I don’t care for them at all.

  12. Bill McCabe says:

    I hate pierogis. Not so much them, but the annual trip to a small deli in Clifton with my father to buy homemade pierogis.

    Anyway, more posts on why George Lucas must be stopped would be appreciated.

  13. red says:

    Oh my God, I absolutely love it when a complaint then turns into a joke.

    Please, everyone: go on.

  14. Dan says:

    More Bogie please.

  15. Bryan says:

    Hi Sheila,
    I haven’t seen too many John Garfield movies, but I really liked “Out of the Fog” where he plays a small-time extortioner. Ida Lupino plays an innocent who falls for him and finally realizes her mistake. You probably won’t be able to rent it, but it comes on TV every once in a while.
    And by the way, you tell ’em, grrl! You have every right to say what you want here. (And I enjoyed all the James Joyce posts. I felt badly about not writing anything on Joyce on my own blog yesterday (I wrote on Wordsworth instead), so I just linked to yours and said, “Go read Sheila!”

  16. red says:


    My pleasure. Comin’ right up.

  17. Bryan says:

    Unclosed nested parentheses in previous post. Sorry about that.

  18. Emily says:

    Sheila – I won’t touch Margaret Atwood if you promise to write more about porn.

  19. Bill McCabe says:

    Well, if you insist.

    Didn’t someone want more boob talk a few months back? That wouldn’t be a bad place to start.

  20. Dan says:

    Porn? Boob talk? Oh please Oh please Oh please Oh please Oh please Oh please Oh please Oh please Oh please Oh please Oh please Oh please…

  21. Just wondering

    I’m on vacation, which means a little home improvement. The basement was in dire need of attention, and it was high time that I had started working on what will be the guest bedroom. I just finished cleaning out (i.e.,…

  22. Dave J says:

    Insufficient posting about Tolkien lately, Sheila. Otherwise, carry on! :-p

  23. Ken Hall says:

    Hmmm. Free small business idea: Bogie’s Pierogis.

  24. Ken Summers says:

    Does this mean no boobs?

  25. DBW says:

    Sheila–Perhaps you could select a sampling of your commenters and spend the next several weeks blogging about us with the same attention to detail and affection you showered on that so-called writer, James Joyce. You could start with me, if you like. Call me if you have any questions. I doubt you are up to date on my pre-school years, or as I like to call it, “When the rigid philosophy was formed.”

  26. i feel you on this girl. really.

  27. Mr. Bingley says:

    “i feel you on this girl. really”

    well, i guess that counts as ‘boob talk.’

  28. red says:



    “So now we come to the ever-important summer vacation in between DBW’s 1st and 2nd grade…”

  29. michele says:


    Do you think you can consult with me before you make any more posts?

    Oh, you mean this weblog isn’t for ME specifically? Well, damn. I thought everything was about me. Even your weblog.