The Light Show In the Sky: Honolulu

Sitting on my balcony, trying to get past my vertigo. Correcting the first batch of reviews that will go up on the Hawaii International Film Festival blog. We had our first class yesterday and it’s such a great group. I will just need to keep up with them, their enthusiasm and curiosity and intelligence!

As I work, I am stunned by the changes in the sky. Every time I look up something different is happening.




I also looked up at one point and noticed I had a little winged visitor. Just chilling out with me.


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2 Responses to The Light Show In the Sky: Honolulu

  1. Paula says:

    Those pics are incredible!

  2. mutecypher says:

    I was always wowed by the cardinals in Hawaii, I thought of them as midwest and east coast birds. Can’t tell if that’s one or not.

    Keep an eye out for mongooses (not on your balcony). There seemed like a lot at U. Hawaii and the naval base. If you’re in Waikiki you won’t see them.

    I’m glad your workshop is going well.

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