Space Twin Powers Activated

Mitchell, Steven, Me

Mitchell just unearthed this photo. I have not ever seen it.

College. In a basement. A local punk band was roaring out its show about 10 feet away in a basement filled with 100 people. (I didn’t know it of course but inside I was already dying for something called Riot Grrrls to be invented). Mitchell and Steven are brothers. Mitchell and I had been friends for only a year at this point. I remember the two of us sitting on the raw wood-plank precarious stairway down into that dungeon, and we both became conscious – at the same moment – of the miracle that the two of us had FOUND each other in this big huge world somehow and we were saying, “So … our spirits were floating through the space-time continuum or something?” “Were we near Jupiter at some point, or ….?” We finally boiled it down to the fact that we were CLEARLY “space twins.” We still call each other that.

In these dark days, it is important to keep in mind what one is thankful for.

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  1. Mitchell Fain says:


  2. I am thankful for you!
    And sad I missed you this weekend.
    And hope you had a fabulous birthday today.

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