Review: Bright Lights: Starring Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds (2017)


Premiering on HBO tomorrow. I won’t lie: this one HURTS to watch. Half the time, though, I was laughing through my tears.

My review of Bright Lights: Starring Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds is now up at

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  1. Todd Restler says:

    Great write-up. I’m really looking forward to watching this. (FYI “Tomorrow” is DVRing tonight so I will watch that soon too).

    I really, really want to believe these two legends are kicking off their shoes in the afterlife and having a ball together.

    Is it wrong that I almost view Postcards from the Edge as a documentary about these two? When I think of the relationship I can’t help but think of that movie. Particularly the “sing-off” which I think was just awesome.

    Favorite Carrie Fisher moment in film: In When Harry Met Sally, when Meg Ryan is telling her, yet again, that her married lover will never leave his wife, and she replies “you’re right, you’re right, I KNOW you’re right”, and she slaps herself in the head while saying the line. Such a ridiculously “real” moment. I feel like it was Carrie trying to slap some sense into herself. Best moment in that film.

    And I know it was “late” Reynolds, but I freaking LOVE “Mother”.

    Great stuff lately Sheila!

    • sheila says:

      Very excited to hear you’re DVR-ing Tomorrow, Todd! Duvall right on the cusp of becoming famous. I love those moments. Moments when someone is still unknown. But that’s about to change.

      The whole “You’re right you’re right I know you’re right” thing is just so wonderful!

      The documentary is so touching that it’s sometimes hard to get through – because of course it was assumed that they both would be around to see it. As it stands though, it’s perfect timing – fans still reeling from the loss, and now they have THIS. I’m glad it’s so good.

      Please come back to discuss once you’ve seen it.

      and thank you, Todd!

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