From Arrow Films UK: Woody Allen Box Set 1986 – 1991

Arrow Films/Video in the UK has been putting out Woody Allen box sets, and their latest covers the years 1986-1991.

I was so honored to be asked to write the booklet essay for one of my favorite Woody Allen films, a film that doesn’t get discussed NEARLY enough when his work is brought up, Another Woman, starring Gena Rowlands in one of her best performances (and that’s saying something.)

The film also features brilliant performances, big and small, from Ian Holm, Martha Plimpton, David Ogden Stier, Blythe Danner, John Housman, Gene Hackman (he’s never been sexier), and shattering cameos from Betty Buckley (included her performance in this long-ago list) and Sandy Dennis. It’s meditative quiet Woody, it’s Woody showing his Bergman influences. It’s filled with so many harrowing closeups of Gena – closeups that go deeper and deeper and deeper into her heart of darkness.

I love Another Woman, and I’ve never written about it, so I was so happy to be asked. Writing the essay also gave me a chance to plug – yet again – the brilliance of By the Sea (I already did so here and here). Angelina Jolie probably watched Another Woman on eternal repeat during her preparation for By the Sea.

My pal Glenn Kenny wrote the booklet essay for Shadows and Fog so I’m in good company.

Purchase the box set here.

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