Thanks, “Bye Bye Love”

I’ve been on a writing tear. Non-stop writing, for the past 4 or 5 days.

Strangely, I have found that the Everly Brothers, of all things, have helped me to STAY in the Zone.

I do not know why this is the case.

If I played the Foo Fighters, or Metallica, or Evanescence … it just doesn’t feel right. I would lose momentum. Listening to them is procrastination music, not getting-down-to-work music.

But … last week, I randomly pulled out my “Best of the Everly Brothers”, popped it in … and now my fingers ache from clutching my pen, I’ve just been writing, writing, writing.

My neighbors must be sick of “Bye Bye Love.” “Wake Up Little Susie”.

“Jeez,” they must be thinking. “What the hell is going on over there? She’s playing that again?”

But … the first chords of “Bye Bye Love” … I can’t explain it. It’s energizing, it’s focusing … I want to sit down and get to it.

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  1. MikeR says:

    It would take a truly hard-hearted person to hate the Everly Brothers. I was thinking about them this morning because The Spazzys’ new single, Hey Hey Baby, includes a cover of Bye Bye Love.

  2. BSTommy says:

    For some reason, Billy Joel does the same thing for me. I don’t know why. It just blocks all the other thoughts out.

  3. Janelle says:

    Well hi there most beautiful Red!

    I have a feeling you could be akin to me. I am Irish too. My Mother had dark brown hair and big beautiful blue eyes with a goergous colored olive skin. My dad was blonde and blue eyed and stood a bit over six feet tall. They were quite the couple when they got dressed up fancy to go out on the town. She was his Irish Gal!

    I grew up loving a variety of music like you did. I am not saying that because you and I are Irish that is why we love the variety. On Dean’s blog today I got to see another side of you and why he has told me he thinks so much of you. You both love the art of writing and from all his posts he quite often referrs to art of many forms. I understand he got that artist flair from someone close to him that had a hand in his upbringing.

    I stop by here from time to time and the last time I believe it was the great Bogart and you mentioned Carey Grant. I went to our post office and bought as many stamps as I could with Cary Grant when they came out.

    The music you have been playing is terrific. Those two really harmonized beautifully. Their voices quite different but they made the voices come alive like a fine instrument. Their songs were very original and there has been nothing that has come along with the *instrument* they created, they were masters and were not even aware of it until their songs were no where to be found, people bought them up and record stores as you can well imagine, could not keep them in stock.

    People love the Mona Lisa painting and I adored Nat King Cole’s version and then later, Julio Igleasous (how ever you spell his name) version of it.

    It is music that does inspire our soul. I do the same thing when I pull out an old record. I play it over and over and over. You know, “Play it again Sam”.

    I think perhaps the Everly Brothers connects to your soul. Down, way deep down you feel such a peace and out comes your *gift*, your own unique, Shelia…Red comes alive on her blank canvas…

    I’ll be back Ms.Scarlett!

  4. Rob says:

    When I think of Bye, Bye, Love, I think of the Cars, not the Everly Brothers. Totally different song. Like em both.

  5. Ken Summers, Perversion Catalyst says:

    [geezer] Do the Foo Fighters, Metallica, or Evanescence ever feel right? Give me the Everlys any day [/geezer]

  6. Music to write by

    Sheila has a funny post about finding herself propelled along a serious writing jag by the music of the Everly Brothers. My experience with that is that it’s sometimes the bizarre random stuff that really works. For the paper I…

  7. red says:

    Yes, the Foo Fighters, Metallica, and Evanescence feel right. In some moods. If I need to get out aggression, or take a 5 mile run, or get out of a depression – I’ll pick them. They’re some of my favorite bands ever.

    And the Everly Brothers feel right in other moods. I’m not picky.

    I’ll take inspiration where I can find it. If Britney Spears makes me feel like writing, I’ll listen to her all day long.

  8. Bryan says:

    Hi Sheila,

    This interests me because I am a chronic sufferer from writer’s block. I seem to recall that during my most recent fertile period (which was SEVEN WHOLE YEARS AGO! – jeez) I was listening to Alban Berg a lot. Maybe that would work again.

    Or maybe I should try the Everly Brothers.

    Btw, what kind of stuff have you been writing, if it’s not bad luck to tell? (I totally understand writer’s superstition.)

  9. red says:

    Bryan – you should pop that old music on, see what happens!!

    And no, I’m not ready to divulge anything. Way too superstitious. I believe in jinxes. Big-time. :)

  10. red says:

    I’ve never had real writer’s block. I don’t really understand what it feels like. I’ve certainly struggled with my writing, and have churned out pages that are unadulterated crap … but … do you experience writer’s block literally as staring at the empty page, or computer screen, with not a word in your head?

    I know Sylvia Plath had horrible writer’s block – was tormented by it.

  11. Bryan says:

    With me it’s not so much that I stare at a blank page as that I find plenty of reasons not to write in the first place, such as thinking, “I don’t really have anything worthwhile to say, so why bother,” or “The works of James Joyce and Hart Crane already exist, so why bother,” or “I’m too busy; I should use this bit of spare time to go to the gym or read a book or etc.” Once I actually sit down and force myself to do it, I don’t usually have blank page paralysis. Externally imposed deadlines generally have a beneficial effect on me.

  12. red says:

    Right, right, right. All those REASONS! I have those, too. It’s an act of will to ignore those silly voices. :)

    And I have to stay away from James Joyce when I feel the writing-urge come over me. If I read one of his sentences, I lose heart completely.

  13. Bryan says:

    Maybe my problem isn’t writer’s block so much as the anxiety of influence. No wonder I dig Harold Bloom so much.

  14. Dano says:

    Reggae is work music, for anything that busies the body. For mental work, writing, it’s usually something unobtrusive, backgroundy, often beautiful and logical and trustworthy \ … Diana Krall, say.
    I can listen to anything when doing the dishes. Somehow, I usually prefer the Old 97’s or The Best of WAR.

  15. Ken Hall says:

    Pop-psych longshot here, but are you getting rid of something as you write?

  16. red says:

    Ken –

    Probably. But nothing I’m aware of.

  17. red says:

    Oops, Ken, realized I had something else to say:

    I do my best to not consciously mix creativity and psychology. Like – I’ve always wanted to get on stage, and act and pretend to be other people. I’m sure there’s some deep-seated reason why this is the case, but I’d rather just DO it, if you know what i mean.

    I know that – I have a couple of writing projects right now which have been calling to me – literally – I crawl out of bed at 2 am to answer the call sometimes – and so when I have put in a good couple of hours of work I feel so GOOD. Even if half of what i wrote sucks.

    Because I am actually DOING it, as opposed to … well … not doing it.

  18. Ken Hall says:

    I should’ve elaborated, too. Maybe the psychology/creativity dichotomy doesn’t even apply. You’ve got something inside shaking the bars and otherwise clamoring to get out–that’s getting rid of something too. I had a half-baked idea that “Bye Bye Love” fit for a specific reason.

  19. red says:

    Ken – I like that!! It has some mystery to it. Perhaps there is something specific in Bye Bye Love – I certainly would not be surprised. I found myself pulling that tape out for the first time in YEARS early last week – why? Must be some deeply-held reason!

    Bye bye love
    Bye bye sweet caress
    Hello loneliness
    I think I’m gonna cry …

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