Numbered Things

I got this from Dan.

Ten movies you’d watch over and over: What’s Up, Doc?, Bringing Up Baby, Apollo 13, Office Space, The Big Sleep, Annie (the new version, with Kathy Bates, Alan Cumming, Victor Garber – I just could watch that thing every single day and never get tired of it), Notorious, This is Spinal Tap, Postcards From the Edge, and Running on Empty.

Nine people you enjoy the company of: Beth, Mere, Betsy, Jean, Siobhan, Bren, Jen, David, Mitchell

Eight things you’re wearing: Sweatshirt, jeans, a barrette in my hair, Chapstick, socks, hi-top sneakers, a ring … and that’s it. Only 7 things. The Chapstick is stretching it.

Seven things on your mind: Upcoming trip to Ireland, missing Cashel, 40 pages left of Brothers Karamazov – want to stretch it out, missing Mitchell and Alex and Chrisanne – want to be with them now, what should I read next, I need to buy a new broom, what the hell am I doing with my life.

Six objects you touch every day: Cell phone, keys, coffee mug, face lotion, a pen, my terricloth bathrobe

Five things you do every day: Write. Drink coffee. Brush teeth. (This is boring me.) Blog (pretty much every day). Look at Manhattan skyline when I leave my apartment.

Four bands (etc) that you couldn’t live without: The Beatles. Nirvana. Eminem (he’s not really a band, but whatever). Divine Comedy.

Three of your favorite songs at this moment: Rock Me (Liz Phair). Bye Bye Love (Everly Brothers). Personal Jesus. (Johnny Cash)

Two people who have influenced your life the most: Parents. I want to put Mitchell on there too, though.

One person who you love more than anyone in the world: I agree with Dan. Silly question.

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24 Responses to Numbered Things

  1. Lisa says:

    Ten movies you’d watch over and over:

    “Four Weddings and a Funeral”, “Notting Hill”, “Truly Madly Deeply”, “Love Actually”, (Do you see a pattern here? I’m Richard Curtis’s bitch, is what I’m saying. And Alan Rickman is God.)”Michael Collins”, “St. Elmo’s Fire”, “Sixteen Candles”, “The Goonies”, “Gone With The Wind”, “It’s a Wonderful Life”

    Nine people you enjoy the company of:

    Danny, Sue, Drew, Peggy, Anne, Grisham, Linda, Carrie, Rebecca, Emily

    Eight things you’re wearing:

    Flip-flops, shorts, t-shirt, underwear, hair band. (I don’t even have on a bra, much less eight things!)

    Seven things on your mind:

    Why laundry multiplies so quickly; how am I going to watch “Cold Case” and tape “L&O: CI” and still get in “Desperate Housewives”; world peace; is Arafat still alive and can’t he just get ON with it; is Sheila laughing at my lists; I hope my cleaning lady cleans the baseboards this week; did I really tell the internet I don’t have on a bra?

    Six objects you touch every day:

    Various and sundry phones; tv remote; clothes; refrigerator door; Diet Pepsi can; Danny’s ass

    Five things you do every day:

    Sleep; pee; watch tv; kiss boys; kiss Danny

    Four bands (etc.) that you couldn’t live without:

    Chieftains; Otis Redding; George Strait; Rosemary Clooney

    Three of your favorite songs at this moment:

    “The Trouble With Love Is” (Kelly Clarkson)
    “You Take Me as I Am” (Wyclef Jean f/some chick)
    “My Boo” (Usher and Alicia Keys)

    Two people who have influenced your life the most:

    Dr. Ganus, my choral director from college, and Neal Boortz

    One person who you love more than anyone in the world: Uh, duh. My husband, Danny.

  2. Lisa says:

    God. Apparently I can’t count, which defeats the purpose of this “game.” My friend Emily should be removed, since she makes ten.

  3. red says:


    “I’m Richard Curtis’ bitch.” Damn. That is funny.

    I own Notting Hill. I admit it freely. I cry during the last scene when she shows up at the shop and gives him the painting. I WEEP.

    “how am I going to watch “Cold Case” and tape “L&O: CI” and still get in “Desperate Housewives””…

    Extremely important struggle … good luck with it.

  4. red says:

    I agree with you about Alan Rickman … and isn’t Truly Madly Deeply just a fantastic film? She’s one of my idols, as an actress. She’s so the real deal, so so so good.

    I saw Alan Rickman do “Private LIves” on Broadway and you just cannot even believe how fantastic he was live. So SEXY, too. He got to show this whole other comedic side to himself … it was so good.

  5. Lisa says:

    “I’m just a girl, standing in front of a boy, asking him to love her.”

    How can you NOT weep? (And I own it too. My unabashed love for Hugh Grant knows no bounds. Even though my friend interviewed him for an indy mag and said he was a total prick, I still love him. It’s a sickness.)

    Sunday night has way too much good TV. I so need to get a TiVo.

  6. red says:

    Uhm … have you seen the 900 pages of stuff I have written on Cary Grant? I share your sickness.

    I met Hugh Grant – he did an acting seminar at my grad school. I could definitely picture him being a prick, but I thought he was hiLARious. Took ABSOLUTELY NOTHING SERIOUSLY. At least that was the impression he gave. I liked him very much.

    I loved About A Boy, too. I think that might be his best work so far.

    He has one moment in that movie when he shouts at the kid: “I can’t help you with real things.” – and no matter how many times I’ve seen it, it’s like this lump comes up in my throat – involuntarily. It’s HOW he says it.

    Do you know the moment of which I speak? (Of course you do…)

  7. Lisa says:

    TMD is my all-time favorite movie. . .EV.ER.

    I love how when she cries, she CRIES. All bleary-eyed sobbing with snot going everywhere, not thinking, “Oh, my God, a camera is two feet from my face.” She isn’t just acting, she IS a woman who lost the love of her life, and by God, you CRY when that happens.

    Love it. Love the hilarious ghosts refinishing her floors, love the poem scene at the end (which reduces me to a wet puddle on the floor), I just love the whole thing. I don’t know why more people haven’t seen it.

    God, Alan Rickman. Even in “Die Hard” I was all, “Daaaamn, sexy.” I have heard criticisms of his work in “Michael Collins” but I loved him in it. I didn’t think he made de Valera wimpy at all, just prim, which from what I’ve read, is accurate.

  8. red says:

    “I can’t believe there are ghosts in my living room watching videos.”

    so FUNNY!

    Yeah – and that crying scene. She’s so damn great. I also love the scene when she dances around her horrible flat, making Alan Rickman laugh.

    Anyone – if you haven’t seen Truly Madly Deeply, I highly recommend it!! It kind of can’t be described, but it’s a real GEM.

  9. MJF says:

    I love u Sheila!!!!!!

  10. Beth says:

    Ok, let me help you here… ummm, you were not wearing underwear? Of any sort? With jeans anda a sweatshirt? Not that I am judging you, of course…

  11. sporkadelic says:

    If you’re wearing socks and sneakers, can’t you count that as four pieces? (This is why it’s so important to codify the rules of strip poker well in advance.)

  12. Dano says:

    ooh! cool! I’m gonna poll my friends, too.

    What, Sheila — you don’t wear underwear? Not that there’s anything wrong with that.
    (I mean, “Rock Me” is kind of a telling erotic detail on its own…)

    my list may miss a few numbers. Movies and bands I think I can do. People, not so much.


  13. red says:

    Occasionally I do not wear underwear. What is the problem??

  14. red says:

    I just love “Rock Me”. Such a catchy tune. Reminds me of when I dated a much much younger guy.

    My favorite line is when she goes:

    “You think I’m a genius, think I’m cool
    I’m starting to think that young guys rule…”

    You just must sing along!

  15. Dano says:

    Absolutely. Liz rools!
    “I’ll bet you that cigarette you won’t regret my time.”
    “Your record collection don’t exist – You don’t even know who this band is… ”

    I dated an older woman (by 7 years) once. She was younger than I am now… (sigh)

    It’s on the power-pop mix I play most in the car… along with “HWC” and Rhett Miller’s “This is What I Do” and Cool Blue Halo’s “Too Much Kathleen” and… you get the idea.

    And hey, no problem. I’m the president of You Should Not Wear Underwear.

    here’s pieces of me:

    Ten movies you’d watch over and over: The Sixth Sense, Bandwagon, Mulholland Dr., The Big Lebowski, Prey for Rock & Roll, Contempt (Le Mepris), The Great Escape, Rust Never Sleeps, Kill Bill (1 & 2/or 1 or 2) and Until the End of the World.

    Nine people you enjoy the company of: Tom O., coworkers KC & Brooke, my son Michael, Pete & Reba, Mike W., Janelle, Tom B. (and oh many more… who knew?)

    Eight things you’re wearing: Socks, boxers, “Enemy Combatant – And I Vote!” T-shirt, LL Bean flannel shirt & jeans (coincidentally), Watch, glasses, Old Spice

    (not really label-conscious… I mean pretentious. notice I didn’t say what KIND of watch. or glasses.)

    Seven things on your mind: What i’m Wearing… (duh), whether I’m ever gonna have sex again; Christmas week in New Orleans (well, that settles that), how to get to a B minor chord cleanly, how much debt I’m actually in, all the crap I have to do at work, and God, my back hurts.

    Six objects you touch every day: phone, iMac (most days), coffee mug, steering wheel (most days), my dog Polly’s head (good girl!) and a hypodermic

    Five things you do every day: Fantasize, write, play guitar, decide which T-shirt to wear, make a joke … (more accurately, these are all “most days” things but I went with the less mundane, er, more or less … your mileage may vary)

    Four bands (etc) that you couldn’t live without: Wilco, Old 97’s,
    Neil Young, Maria McKee (only four?)

    Three of your favorite songs at this moment: Nothing But the Shell (Steve Wynn), Remember the Mountain Bed (Wilco/Woody Guthrie), His Indie World (Mary Lou Lord) — I’ve been playing and singing all three in the last 12 hours
    (only three?)

    Two people who have influenced your life the most: Blame Mom and Dad

    One person who you love more than anyone in the world:
    no one can love just one. If I HAD to answer this, the “correct” answer would be … me. But it’s not really true all the time…

    this was fun. Kind of nice to take stock. Dan had it right.

  16. Carrie says:

    I posted my list such that it is over on the Broom. Why are these so fun to do? I could do a blog just of these sort of listy things.

  17. michael says:

    The movies I could watch over and over again (I don’t know, as I type this, how many it will turn out to be):
    Let It Ride
    Holiday Inn
    White Christmas
    The Godfather (I and II)
    Once Upon A Time In The West
    Red River

    More to come. I’m hungry and it’s time for lunch.

  18. Wutzizname says:

    :: gnawing on edge of coffee mug ::

    So…WHO ELSE in here isn’t wearing a Bra?!!

    …sorry…that question is for the ladies. Gents, if you’re wearing a Bra, I don’t really need to know.

    …Chilly outside today, Isn’t it?

  19. red says:


    Sheesh, I shouldn’t have even answered the question.

    My bad.

  20. Wutzizname says:

    Okay, I’m in…

    Ten movies you’d watch over and over: Star Wars, The BreakFast Club, The Chinese Connection, Desperado, Commando, Terminator 1 and 2, Friday, Uptown Saturday Night, The Man With One Red Shoe.

    Nine people you enjoy the company of: Brian, Parrish, Mike D(The Red Shirt guy), Louis(Pronounced like ‘Louie’), Critical Bill, Vaughn, She who shall be known as Silver Spring, My Brother Tony, and The cohesive unit known as ‘The Blackwoods’

    Eight things you’re wearing: Nude woman Thumbring (Left) Ornately designed Thumbring (Right) Silver Superman Ring (Right hand, third Finger) Annoying brown turtleneck sweater, Black T-shirt, rather regular Jeans, worn out Skecher Alleytcats, Black Socks.

    Seven things on your mind: Must Finish Script for Romantic Comedy. Must finish script for horror flick. Must finish storyboards for animated short. Must finish script for Erotic Thriller. Must finish murder Mystery Script. Must sketch once a day. Must lose 50 pounds.

    Six objects you touch every day: Wallet, Cellphone, Keys, Turrlet, Fridge, Remote Control.

    Five things you do every day: Get small breakfast from the kitchen five minutes after arriving to work. Log into YIM and check my offline messages. Check my friends’ sites. Read all email from previous night, as if something tremendous happened while I was sleeping. Stay up too late at night and watch Adult Swim.

    Four bands (etc) that you couldn’t live without: Prince, A Tribe Called Quest, De La Soul, Jill Scott, and Jamiroquai.

    Three of your favorite songs at this moment: We’re Too Young to Die(Jamiroquai), You Love Me (by Jill Scott…I think that’s the title…isn’t that sad?), Miss you (The Rolling Stones)

    Two people who have influenced your life the most: Vaughn, and my Brother, Rennard.

    One person who you love more than anyone in the world: My Father, May he rest in Peace.

  21. Another Instant List

    Now that the election’s over, I can start having some fun with blogging again. Not that covering the elections and saving democracy and beating the barbarians back from the gates (kid=love) wasn’t a gas, but it’s time to relax just…

  22. RedFalcon says:

    I really enjoy watching “The Big Sleep” as well! It’s almost as good as reading the novel by Chandler.

  23. Beth says:

    I suppose I shouldn’t tease you about your underwear habits after that fiasco at the dress maker’s for Meredith’s bridesmaid’s dresses. Remember? I had to dash to Woolworth’s to buy underwear???

  24. red says:

    Beth – oh my God , I totally forgot about that – bwahahaha