Listen … listen … they’re calling to you.

This makes me cry.

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  1. Lizzie E says:

    This is simply a magic song–one of my favorites, and Walt Disney’s favorite too. In his later years, he was plagued with back pain from a polo injury, and after every workday he would have a chiropractic session. Sometimes he would ask for the Sherman brothers to come and play “that song”. They all knew which one it was. *heart cracking*

  2. sheila says:

    I did not know that about Disney – yes, very heartcracking. The song is so moving! I love to see these high school students just totally go for it. Very nice arrangement.

  3. scribbler50 says:

    “Glee” for real… and it does kind of dew up the old lenses.
    Thanks, Sheila.

  4. alexandra says:

    This is the song my mother sang to me at night when I couldn’t sleep. I sing it to my students at the end of every intensive. And I LOVE this version.

    Love you, Sheila. Thanks for reminding me.

  5. sheila says:

    I didn’t know you sang it to your students, Alex – how beautiful!!!

  6. sheila says:

    Scribbler – totally a real life Glee! If you click around on Youtube, you can find other clips of this high school glee club, and it’s insane. Elaborate sets and costumes – This simple Feed the Birds, though, is my favorite. Very emotional.

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