Snapshots from last night …

— Watching bits of Muppets Take Manhattan with my sisters. My sisters know that movie by heart. Laughter!!

— Siobhan made an absolutely deeeeee-lish lasagna. We loved it. We had one helping, then went out to a pub for a couple drinks, came back and chowed some more.

— Siobhan has 440 CDs in her collection. Just so you know.

— Jean’s migraine was bad. She put on a purple liquid sleep-mask, and lay on Siobhan’s bed with a pillow over her head. We all stood around the bed, continuing the conversation, Jean talking as well … but if anyone had looked in, and not known what was going on, they would have been like: “WTF???”

— We walked down the street, cool night air, to an Irish pub called The Brogue. A guy named Steve Reilly was playing guitar – playing stuff like Free Falling, and Harry Chapin of all things. LOUD. We had to shout to be heard.

— Much Red Sox conversation.

— Good to be together. Family is the best thing in the world. The only thing missing was our brother … we called him and left him a collective “we wish you were here” message.

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5 Responses to Snapshots from last night …

  1. ricki says:

    I’m impressed that Jean could continue the conversation. When I get a migraine, even if it’s when I’m around people I love and don’t get to see enough, I’m all “I love you but go talk somewhere else please”

  2. red says:


    Jean has never had a migraine … so she put up a good fight with it. I could tell, though, that she had a band of pain across her eyes. She’s going down to the Caribbean with her boyfriend for the week, so I hope the migraine relaxes, goes away.

  3. Dan says:

    Sounds like a lovely evening. Siblings are everything.

  4. Greg Wythe says:

    “Watching bits of Muppets Take Manhattan with my sisters. My sisters know that movie by heart. Laughter!!”

    Moments like this that I realize a little more why I love your blog … the entire Muppet genre is solid gold and repeated viewings should be openly encouraged.

    Oh, and I’ve got well over 500 CDs in my collection … just in case anyone wanted to know.

  5. red says:


    The Muppets … words can’t even express what they mean to me …

    Maybe it’s time to another Muppet post. They always are so awesome.

    I love the part in the Muppets Take Manhattan movie when Miss Piggy is heckled by a construction crew. It just CRACKED ME UP – all these big fat guys in hardhats, actors – all of them – heckling a pig puppet. But what was funniest, was how mad she looked as it was happening. Her nose did that Miss Piggy thing, it went down – to show that she was starting to get steaming mad.

    So feckin’ funny.