Siobhan O’Malley’s Latest EP: Let’s Get Ahead of Ourselves, Baby

My beautiful and talented sister Siobhan O’Malley has come out with her third album, a 5-song EP called Let’s Get Ahead of Ourselves, Baby. The 5 songs have her typical smart and funny lyrics (“I Spy”, a song about Siobhan’s experiences as a bartender, is one of my favorites), and great rocking beats, and it’s (as always) so wonderful to hear these songs I know so well with a full band playing behind her (drums by cousin Ian Carroll), and background singers. There’s something about some of these songs that bring a lump to my throat. Listen to Siobhan wail on “Teach Your Woman Well” – terrific song, terrific lyrics – and “The Books” is clearly very emotional for us O’Malleys, and Siobhan put it into words so well for us. I haven’t listened to that song yet where I haven’t welled up with tears.

Let’s Get Ahead of Ourselves, Baby is now available for download from iTunes.

Her other two albums, Permanent Markers and Alibi Bye are also available for download.

She’s a talented musician and songwriter, and I always look forward to hearing what she comes up with next. Please go check her out! She’s amazing!

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