Butt out, Pa Ingalls!!

Curly’s on a rampage And you kind of don’t want to miss it. It’s a post about what she has learned from television, and it begins with what she calls “the Alan Alda Sensitivity Project” … and somehow ends with this immortal phrase:

“Charles Ingalls is a buttinsky.”


And then there’s this bit of genius from the comments:

Charles Ingalls knew all and it totally aggravated me. Hell, if I was the Reverend Alden, I would have been like, ‘Quit stepping on my toes, bitch.’

Like, when he wasn’t all up in the preacher’s business and making orthopedic shoes, he was punching out evil people and exposing fraudulent evangelists. ‘She saw the crutch!’

Tears of laughter. “exposing fraudulent evangelists” … so true!!

“What are you up to this weekend?”
“Ah, nothin’ much. Just exposing some fraudulent evangelists on Saturday, but other than that, I’m free!”

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10 Responses to Butt out, Pa Ingalls!!

  1. You’ll be exposing fraudulent evangelists only after you bring in the sheaves, I presume?

    I realize Charles was the main character of the show but he was just up in everyone’s stuff all the time and it really got to me. Oh man… I just had this horrible memory of Jonathan Garvey squeezing the bouncer at a saloon in Sleepy Eye until his mouth bled. Yuck. As I recall, he often had to step in and clean up after some of the fights that busy body Charles started.

  2. Ron says:

    Say! Given the recent filmic trend, when will we see the black (oops, sorry, urban) Little House?

    “urban” — that’s another one! What, white people don’t live in cities?

  3. red says:

    There were black people on Little House. They worked at the school for the blind, and helped the town deal with issues of racism. I’m sure Pa Ingalls was a big buttinsky in that case as well – although the details are fuzzy.

  4. Yes, Pa Ingalls definitely took up for Joe Kincaid and… uh… oh crap! What was that chick’s name who worked in the blind school? HESTER SUE! Yes, Charles most definitely punched some faces in the name of equality. I also believe he chose to show his racial tolerance by punching out the townspeople who didn’t want the black doctor touching them in an earlier episode. As I recall, Mrs. Olson’s case of “the vapors” quickly cleared up once she got a gander of the new doctor in town.

  5. red says:

    Okay. You’re scaring me now.

  6. You have history and James Joyce and I’ve got Little House and 80s music. So we balance out. Although, your scary knowledge has a more practical use than mine methinks.

  7. Ron says:

    no, no, I don’t care there were black people ON Little House, I mean the black Little House! Like the recent remake of The Honeymooners! Aren’t they making black versions of all old TV shows/movies now?

    What’s next Asians or Latinos? “It’s Leave It To Beaver — but with Latinos!” This is not to slight other cultures, it’s to slight the weak imagination of Hollywood!

  8. red says:

    curly –

    Is Little House in syndication, do you know? I would love to see some of these old episodes.

    I remember Hester Sue perfectly – just what she looks like!

  9. I don’t know if it’s on regularly but I caught a few minutes of it on The Hallmark Channel (I think). It was on a Saturday afternoon or something like that. I’ll try to find out!

  10. Here’s the schedule. It looks like there’s a Saturday marathon coming up!!!

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