Take your hopes in hand

I’ve been meaning to link to this post for a couple of days.

Dan’s post on the Red Sox. I think it’s spectacular. Got a little choked up when I first read it.

To love something – whether that thing is a baseball team or an individual or whatever- is to sow the seeds of your own downfall. If you love you’re going to hurt – somehow, somewhere, sometime.

And when you get hurt you can rage or scream or feel sorry for yourself. Or, you can do as beth suggests – face the music dressed in our best, and prepared to go down as gentlemen. Why not face adversity with some dignity? Why not cheer for the Sox until the bitter end, embrace our passion until the last out? After all nobody forces you to care. Nobody puts a gun to your head and says “ok… on my command… love!” It’s a choice we all make, and you can avoid the consequences, the heartbreak, quite easily. Wall yourself off from other people. Follow golf. If you choose to love something, then take your hopes in hand, do it unreservedly and accept that sometimes the object of your affection may fall short. Not make the play-offs. Not win another championship. You know what I mean.

Go read the whole thing.

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15 Responses to Take your hopes in hand

  1. beth says:

    any day i get a trackback from you i consider a good day blogging-wise, sheila. thanks.

  2. rossi says:

    if you dont love
    you dont live


  3. Ron says:

    Me, I’m not likin it. The rest of us, those without a title in quite some time ourselves, love our ballclubs without the treacly prose. Hell, my club hasn’t seen .500 in 12 years, have a pack of Flying Atomic Assclowns for team management, and still I love them, still I remember the all-too-brief moments when they didn’t suck with warmth. But I ain’t puttin’ any extra cheese on that ham sandwich that this guy wrote! He can be a mooncalf if he wants; I just bang my head against the wall every fall until the wall thinks I’m Bruce Lee…

    Is it any wonder why many of us have zero pity for Red Sox Nation? ( Which, curse or no, has been a very, very successful franchise! Phillies fans: now THEY suffer!) How much more respect they would get if these Camilles could just quietly lose like most of the rest of us!

    Grumbly Ron

  4. red says:

    Ron – take that shit somewhere else.

    “Treacly prose”? Fuck you.

  5. Kerry O'Malley says:

    All I know is that I LOVE THEM. Madly. Wildly. Passionately. LOVE them. Thanks for sending me over to read that post. We have to stick together in times like these. I believe!

  6. Dan says:

    Thank you as always Sheila.

    You can smoke my Boston Irish pole Ron.

  7. red says:

    Ladies and gentlemen – my cousin Kerry – who hosted a Boston Red Sox “mojo” party Monday night – she served us small ice cream sundaes in plastic Red Sox helmets. And THAT’s what I’m talkin’ about!!!

  8. Dave J says:

    Go Sox! :-) And yadda yadda yadda, what everyone else said.

  9. Ron says:

    It is possible to disagree about the nature of someone’s writing without insulting people, but hey, why discuss when ‘Fuck Off’ seems to make you happy?

    My larger point is that most baseball towns are worse off than Boston, without resorting to eye rolling writing like dressed in our best, and prepared to go down as gentlemen. You lost two starters and a very good relief pitcher, and are still in the hunt. It’s baseball, not The Charge of The Light Brigade.

    When you write as well as you do, red, crude retorts tend to make my case, not yours.

  10. red says:

    Ron –

    Dan’s a friend of mine. You called his prose treacly and you called him a mooncalf.

    I’ll insult ANYONE who insults a friend of mine. You didn’t know he was my friend? Well now you know.

    Don’t lecture me. Comments like this “When you write as well as you do, red, crude retorts tend to make my case, not yours” are so condescending. If you piss me off, I will insult you, and perhaps I will use “crude” language. If you insult a friend of mine? I will rip your head off, as has just happened.

    And I got your point about Red Sox Nation in the first comment. I just didn’t like your tone. I still don’t like your tone. (I haven’t liked your tone for a while.)

  11. Ron says:

    Calling someone’s prose treacly and calling them a mooncalf is not exactly in the same league as ‘Fuck You.’ I didn’t like what he wrote and I said so, but I feel I didn’t insult Dan or you, as nothing was directed to either of you personally. But you started your reply to me with ‘Fuck You’, and are both lecturing and condescending to me now through your anger.

    I have stated many times how much I like you as a writer, meant it then and mean it now, and to hear, after reading your terrific post on Fitzgerald, “take that shit elsewhere” and “Fuck You,” “rip your head off,” and now further threating language,(and you’re attacking my tone?) well, it isn’t a lecture to ask to not be insulted this way. Why do you automatically assume condesention? I couldn’t tell from your first post that you got my point about Red Sox Nation.

    Let me ask if a commenter started a reply to writing they disagreed with (either yours or perhaps another posters) with “take that shit elsewhere” and “Fuck You,” what would you infer?

  12. red says:

    Ron, give it a rest.

    This ain’t an equal partnership on this blog. I choose the tone of the conversation -And once you insult a friend of mine, you go over the line.

    Please. Go away. Your comments have been annoying for some time.

  13. Ron says:

    Ok, I’ll bail. Which I find sad, because I’ve never said that I don’t like your blog, which has some of the nicest prose I’ve seen in a blog, of which I’ve forwarded many, many links to my friends out of sheer enjoyment. But if I can’t make a comment that disagrees without being attacked, then you’re right, it isn’t worth my time. Adios!

  14. Just1Beth says:

    sniff…sniff: Smells better in here already!!