Have you ever …

Fun – I got this from Chai-rista:


Smoked a cigarette or tried it: Yes.

Crashed a friend’s car: No. But I did crash the car (in a very mild fender-bender way) DURING MY DRIVER’S TEST. Needless to say, I failed.

Stolen a car: No

Been dumped: Oh God, yes. It sucks, don’t it?

Shoplifted: I’m sure I have, but I cannot remember what item.

Been fired /laid off: Yeah – I was laid off by this real estate firm I worked for in Chicago. It was awesome. I collected unemployment for the entire winter.

Been in a fist fight: Uhm … no fists … but it did involve a broken pool cue, a karate kick, and 10 firemen trying to hold the two of us apart.

Snuck out of your parent’s house: Snuck? I’m sure I have, but I can’t remember why.

Been arrested: No

Gone on a blind date: I honestly can’t remember. Probably.

Lied to a friend: Yup.

Skipped school: Just like Chai-rista – I skipped classes in college, but never in high school.

Seen someone die: Well, I saw the World Trade Center collapse. So yes. I saw thousands of people die in one moment.

Been to Canada: Yes.

Been to Mexico
: No.

Eaten Sushi: Yes. As often as I can!

Met someone in person from the internet: Totally! Only from when I started blogging though. Well, actually, I guess my three Match.com dates would qualify as well.

Taken pain-killers: Of course.

Had a tea party: No.

Cheated while playing a game: I’m sure I have, but I don’t remember when.

Fallen asleep at work: No.

Used a fake ID: Nope

Felt an earthquake: Yup. I lived in San Fran and LA so I felt the tremors.

Touched a snake: Yup.

Been robbed: Uhm … don’t think so.

Petted a reindeer/goat: I have touched a goat. I admit it.

Won a contest: I won an art contest when I was … 8? We had to design our own flag for the state of Rhode Island – and I won 2nd place. It was hung in a local art gallery.

Been suspended from school: No.

Been in a car accident: Yes – but all pretty minor ones.

Had braces: Yup.

Eaten a whole pint of ice cream in one night: I’m sure I have. But it’s not a compulsive regular thing with me like it is for some girls. You know, the whole: “Oh God, he dumped me, let me eat a vat of ice cream.” I’m more like: “Oh God, he dumped me, let me eat 5 pieces of pita bread. And let me be REALLY bad: I’m gonna eat 5 pieces of the NON whole wheat pita bread!”

Witnessed a crime: Yup.

Swam in the ocean: To anyone who answers “No” to this question, I am truly sorry for you.

Sung karaoke: As often as I can.

Paid for a meal with only coins: hahahaha I love this question. And yes – I have. I remember it vividly. It was in college – at Del Mor’s. Counting out PENNIES to pay for my sandwich. heh heh heh

Laughed until some kind of beverage came out of your nose: Oh God yes.

Been kissed under mistletoe: I guess I should remember if I have, but I don’t.

Crashed a party: Yes. The most memorable was Brooke and I crashing a luau party at some frat in college. Insanity ensued. Right, David??

Worn pearls: Yes

Jumped off a bridge: No.

Ate dog/cat food: Ew. No.

Kissed a mirror: Yup. You know, a girl has to practice her technique when she’s only 13.

Glued your hand to something: No.

Done a one-handed cartwheel: Yes

Talked on the phone for more than 6 hours: Probably – although you think I would remember something like that.

Didn’t take a shower for a week: Yup. I lived out of a camper van for 2 months. Hygiene was pretty sketchy. When we got to Moab, and checked into a cheap motel as a huge splurge, we both took 20, 25 minute showers apiece. Awesome feeling.

Pick and ate an apple right off the tree: Yes.

Been told by a complete stranger that you’re hot: Yup. More than once, actually. But only one turned into a major love affair type situation. We met in a bar. He stopped me as I strolled by to the jukebox or whatever, and blurted out, in his awkward goofy sexy way, his opinion of my … attributes. It stopped me dead in my tracks … should I pretend to be insulted? Should I say, ‘Thanks’ … what happens now? I had already had my eye on him for a while, though – he had caught my eye in a BIG way … so to know that he obviously had had his eye on me as well – to have him approach me even in an awkward, “Excuse me, but you are so hot” way was AWESOME. And whaddya know, that night launched a thousand ships, and years later he was crawling through my window (or other people’s windows, as the case may be) on a regular basis just to say Hi. To this day, he still remembers what I was wearing that first night. hahahaha So you never know what will happen!! Drunken encounters in bars don’t always have to mean only one thing! Sometimes when guys say, “You’re hot” it comes out in a hostile way … or it’s … yukky … It’s like they hurl it at you … It is in no way a compliment. Instead of a conversation STARTER it’s a conversation ENDER … but sometimes it comes out and it is such a compliment that it completely disarms you. Window-Boy should give seminars on how he hit on me that night. First of all: he sealed the deal. He got my digits. Very important. Granted, he asked my FRIEND for my digits, not me … and I totally busted him doing this … “Are you asking HER for MY phone number?” He looked so GUILTY … muttered something like, “I … didn’t want to scare you away any more than I already have …” hahahaha But the important thing is: he got my digits. He did not let the moment slip away. When he said goodbye to me that night, about half an hour after he scored my digits, he impulsively kissed me on the cheek – out of nowhere – we had barely said 5 words to each other, and he said, “I’m totally gonna call you. You’re just so pretty.” So … let’s just say … with the combination of open interest and sweet awkwardness (mixing in the “you’re hot” with the “you’re just so pretty” and the kiss on the cheek as though we were in a production of Our Town – or, Our Town with beer, let’s say) – he had me hook, line, and sinker. AND – he called me 3 days later. hahaha The requisite 3 days. But he did call. I don’t know. The guy was amazing. I’m not easy, shall we say. I’m not a flirt. But whatever he did, it worked.

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14 Responses to Have you ever …

  1. Tainted Bill says:

    At our sales meeting a couple of weeks ago, the guys from Natural Balance had a crock pot and were serving up the “Irish Stew” dog food. They claimed it was human grade food from Dinty Moore, with lower sodium and more vitamins. If you tried it, they gave you an “I ate my best friend’s food” sticker.

    I walked away without a sticker. I won’t try most human food, I aint trying dog food.

  2. red says:

    I’m with you, Bill. No feckin’ way!!

  3. Tainted Bill says:

    I said something like “There’s a line dividing people who eat dog food and don’t. And on this side of the line, we don’t eat dog food. Not unless it was the last food in the supermarket after the apocalypse, and I need to eat it go gain enough strength to fight off the zombies.”

  4. red says:

    hahahahaha You made a speech! I love it!!

  5. mere says:

    I love how you wrote “I admit it” after you said that you had pet a goat. like it was a deep dark secret. hahahaha

  6. Cullen says:

    I pet a goat yesterday, in fact. Took the kids to the local zoo and they have a petting zoo area. No big whoop.

    I could make entire posts out of the “tried cigarettes,” “been arrested,” “skipped school,” “seen someone die,” “been to Canada/Mexico” and the “never took a shower for a week.” Cool. Now I have material to start working on.

  7. red says:

    mere – hahahahahahaha yeah, really!

  8. Mitchell says:

    Tadusz said i was hot..but he was a barely legal Polish vampire with frighteningly beautiful lips…does he count?

  9. Mitchell says:

    btw Ab Fab marathon on BBC America..im delirious!

  10. red says:

    Tadusz the Polish vampire. hahahaha What did he say, something like: “I don’t like the daylight” in his thick accent. We were like: “oh my god, he’s a vampire”

    “Shed a little light, Tadusz!”


    Of course it counts!

  11. have you ever…

    Wow, it’s been several days since I’ve written anything. In order to ease myself back into the process, I’m going to start out with something quick and easy. Here’s something fun I found over at Sheila’s.

  12. Never Have I Ever

    Smoked a cigarette or tried it: Today? Not yet. Crashed a friend’s car: A friend’s? No. My own? Yeah. Stolen a car: No. Been dumped: I kind of don’t know how to answer this question. My most significant relationship before

  13. Jen says:

    Totally agree with you on the meeting a guy in a bar thing. I think if you’re not LOOKING for it (or for one particular thing), then you might be able to find something or someone significant.

  14. red says:

    Jen – definitely. The beauty of the whole thing (at least for me) was how unexpected it was – and also how well it WORKED. He and I were together (in our own weird off and on way) for ELEVEN YEARS. Still blows me away. But it all started with him saying, as I walked by him, “You’re smokin’ hot” or whatever boneheaded thing it was that he said. Pretty wild.

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