Christmas Movie Tribute: “Meet me in St. Louis”

Here is Alex’s tribute to “Meet Me in St. Louis”. Believe it or not – I came to this film late. I had never seen it and then I was in college, and I became friends with Mitchell, and I realized that seeing (and loving) Meet Me in St. Louis was pretty much a prerequisite to being in any kind of relationship with him. We could not move forward until I had been “caught up”. We saw it together. He pointed out all the things he loved – moments he loved – little acting moments (Judy tasting the soup, for example) – He initiated me into the beautiful world that is this movie. It’s like a Currier and Ives world on celluloid. You want to step into that old turn of the century atmosphere – it’s so REAL. Every shot is a mini-masterpiece.

But I can’t do the film justice – just go read Alex’s post.

Mary Astor is, indeed, fantastic. I love her always – but I love her in this film particularly.

Mitchell and I love the moment in that movie when Tootie, the young morbidly obsessed child, lies in bed, moaning (and exaggerating): “He tried to kill me!”

Uhm … no, Tootie. He did not, in fact, “try to kill” you.

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2 Responses to Christmas Movie Tribute: “Meet me in St. Louis”

  1. Jen says:

    I love that movie, but boy does that little kid annoy the hell out of me!

  2. tracey says:

    I love it when she says “I’m the MOST horrible!!”