Geek Moments Involving the Founders

— I cannot even describe how happy it makes me that on my daily run I pass the spot (sort of) where the duel between Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr took place. There’s a big bust of my dead boyfriend and a plaque memorializing the duel. Of course I’m not happy he had such an untimely end … but … GOD. EVERY. STINKIN. TIME. I run by there I have a moment of … dammit, I am so happy I live where I live. How perfect is that? I live surrounded by the ghosts of Alexander Hamilton. I am a geek, and this thrills me.

— The other night when David came over we were talking about a project his daughter was working on for school. It had to do with Paul Revere’s famous etching of the Boston Massacre. David was helping her with her homework – and I guess she didn’t have her school book with her – where the copy of the etching was reproduced. David was fascinated by the whole story – the Boston Massacre, and the story of the etching, etc. – and David said something like, “I haven’t seen the etching, though”. I calmly got up off my bed, walked to Bookshelf #6, pulled out David McCullough’s biography of John Adams – I just knew it would be in there, because John Adams defended the British soldiers in the eventual trial … I flipped to the pictures, and voila. There it was. Handed the book over to David – who GREEDILY looked at it, and read the caption. I am a massive geek, and also: I am so my father’s daughter. This is the advantage of having a huge library, of keeping your books around you at all times. I loved that moment. To be able to behave as a reference librarian for a friend of mine who was interested in a certain topic.

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8 Responses to Geek Moments Involving the Founders

  1. Cullen says:

    I can’t even begin to tell you how jealous I am that you live close to and often see that area of history.

  2. red says:

    It’s all part of a continuum I suppose since I grew up in one of those “Washington Slept Here” towns. hahahaha But then again, I guess – pretty much every town in the original 13 colonies could say that. Boy got around!!

    But yeah, I’m really grateful – I just love running by that spot.

  3. amelie says:

    i can do that with my father’s books. someday, when i have enough of my own…. love being able to do that!

  4. David says:

    Yeah we’re sitting around the other night and Emma’s telling us about the Boston Massacre where she claimed only 5 people were killed. Maria and I were incredulous. No way. A massacre is more than 5 people we insisted. Emma insists to the contrary. Finally, Maria, to end it, says with great certainty, “Dad will ask Sheila when he sees her tonight and then we’ll find out.” We all agreed that this would end the debate.

    Emma was right.

  5. vocino says:

    I love this line: “I am a massive geek, and also: I am so my father’s daughter.” All such GOOD stuff, but don’t tell the billster i said that….

  6. red says:

    vocino – hahahahaha You KNOW it’s true!!

  7. Patrick says:

    My mother always told me public school girls where the root of all evil until we moved and started in public school, then the Catholic school girls were the root of all evil.

    What?! It’s late. You expect me to be profound?

  8. Patrick says:

    How the hell did that comment make it to this post. It was meant for the Stalin/Hitler post.

    You have a damn Stalin/Hitler post, Sheila.