Movie poster awards

One of my favorite sites out there has listed the winners of Hollywood Reporter’s 35th annual movie poster awards. You’ve gotta check out the international version of the poster for Batman Begins (which won for “Best International Poster”). Phenomenal. Click on it to make it bigger, too – just to see the details of it.

(Here’s the American version of the Batman Begins poster – just to compare. I actually like both of them – but I far prefer the international one. Gives me goosebumps.)

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4 Responses to Movie poster awards

  1. Alex Nunez says:

    Posterwire so kicks ass.

    Agreed on Batman Begins Int’l.

    Very interesting to look at the nominees in all the categories.

    I’d have personally chosen Munich over Syriana for the Best Drama poster.

    Syriana’s a graphics exercise, whereas Munich communicates a real sense of personal isolation, which from what I understand is in keeping with the film’s theme.

    Haven’t seen either one, but if I had to choose based on posters alone, I’d take Munich.

  2. Alex Nunez says:

    Without further ado, a list of The Noonz’s favorite movie posters, in no particular order:

    The Limey
    Out of Sight
    The Empire Strikes Back
    Dr. No
    Enter The Dragon

    I’m sure I’ll think of more…

  3. Nightfly says:

    Noonz, don’t forget Raiders or Blade Runner (same guy, as I recall).

    “Steve McQueen IST Bullitt!” Heheheheh.

    As far as teaser posters are concerned, I did like the one for Goblet of Fire – somewhat similar to the Walk the Line, with the main character silhoutted from behind, weapon at the ready (a wand rather than a guitar in this case).

  4. Alex Nunez says:

    Ah, indeed.

    I knew I was forgetting a lot of stuff.

    Raiders and Blade Runner are classics of the first order.

    The Walk The Line teaser poster is one of mny recent faves, too. Also the Ocean’s 11 ripoff of the Smithereens “11” album cover is pretty cool, even though Pat DiNizio would have been within his rights to be pissed about it.