Remember The Ladies

It appears that, like clockwork, some woman is a-boo-hooing about the lack of women bloggers. Emily smacked her down, and deservedly so.

Dear Mary: If you came out of your wee little windowless political world, you’d find a lot of chicks who blog. And whatevs, there are women who blog about politics too – but that’s just a TEENY TINY portion of the entire blog-world.

So, without further ado, Mary – I have put together a list for you of just a SAMPLING of the ladies on my blogroll. I’ve even gone to the trouble of finding a cool post or 2 for you to read – so you won’t have to scan through the blog yourself.

The problem, Mary, seems to be that you want to be taken seriously. You think blogging is serious. But for most of us out here, it’s a HOBBY. When you start taking a hobby too seriously, you are in danger of becoming a whining blowhard.


HERE ARE THE LADIES WHO BLOG. (and again – it’s just a sample from the blogroll)

1. A Dress A Day. This is a blog I check in with on a daily basis – because her title is not a lie. She posts every day. She’s a terrific writer – and although I don’t sew (I mend, and that’s about it) – I love her insights, her photos, and her enthusiasm.

Posts to check out:
Secret Histories of Dresses part 1

First why, then how

2. Alexandra Billings. Yes, she is one of my best friends. But the woman can write better than any political blogger chick I know. Please. Not even a contest. Don’t even try, CHiPs.

I’ll just point you to her latest: a tribute to Lana Turner.

3. Blind Cave Fish (or Jess). It’s rare that you come across a writer that can make you laugh out loud. She does, on a regular basis. She has a whole series that she does that I adore called “Bad Poetry Written when I was a Teenager”. HYSTERICAL. Here is the latest. To give you another taste, here is her response to the Colin Farrell sex tape.

4. I shouldn’t even have to remind you of Book Slut. Yes, she has a co-blogger who is male, but Jessa started it. Fantastic blog. Indispensable. Read it every day, Mary. Get your head out of your political ass, mkay? Big world out there.

5. City Wendy. Wonderful writer. I actually was going to link to one of her posts the other day but I got sidetracked. So here it is: Meeting Summer Again. The part about the people salsa dancing on the sidewalk gave me little goosebumps. A writer who can make you revel in everyday observations.

6. Cursed to First. Beth’s Red Sox blog. Although I am partial, of course, to the topic – it’s more than that that keeps me going back. It’s her writing. I’d watch her go head to head with any of the thinly talented political writers ANY day. (I won’t name names, but I know who I’m thinking of.) Okay, I’ll stop snarking at Mary and political bloggers and get on with it. Beth has a GIFT. Just yesterday she wrote a post about ghosts in Fenway that is well worth a read.

6. Emily. Of course. Emily. It’s hard to even know what to pick, frankly. She’s a wonderful writer – a good friend – she makes me think, makes me laugh out loud, makes me her partner in outrage, etc. etc. She’s a gem of the blog-world. I just scrolled through at random looking for stuff of hers that I love. Came across this – her response to the book Geek Love. And this one made me cry when I first read it, and I got choked up again when I read it just now. I’ll say no more about it. And PLEASE do not miss her laugh out loud funny live-blogging of Battlefield Earth. Seriously.

7. Anne. I’ve written about her before – and why I find her blog so unique, so special. I don’t care WHAT she writes about. I’m there. Here’s a random sampling.

The best egg creams in the city


Her description of a random charming moment


Again: every day there’s something like that at her blog. She’s great.

8. Go Fug Yourself. Seriously. These girls have now entered the cultural consciousness. I go there every day. It’s not just the photos that are funny. It’s the WRITING, the observations.

9. Curly McDimple Uhm, what to even say? FUNNY. TOUCHING. Here’s a random sample from her most popular posts:

The now-classic On thanksgiving and why i think peppermint patty is a big ol’ bitch

The John Tesh Experiment

The Alan Alda Sensitivity Project

I love how Curly’s post titles are kind of like the titles to Robert Ludlum books.

10. The Hot Librarian. I personally love this one – about the best shower she’s ever had. And then there’s this one – where she ends up going off on John Gray, which made her a hero to me forever.

11. Ilyka Damen. That’s her new blog – with not as much content on it yet – but check out her old blog. The woman can WRITE, folks. She’s fearless about it, too. I think she’s terrific. I loved her “Blog Against the Strawfeminist Week”. Here’s her wrapup. But scroll back through it to see Ilyka in all her glory.

12. De. I’ve been reading her for … wow … for years now. I never know what I will find when I visit her blog. Sexy stuff, book reviews … and I just have to link to this: Scroll through here and read her Evacuation Monologues from last September, during the Hurricane Season from Hell. I love her.

13. Mental Multivitamin. I don’t know much about this blogger except that she is a she – and that she is a kick-ass writer and thinker. She homeschools her kids – and provides us with periodic glimpses of her nightstand, which I love. She also has posts like this one. I read her blog, I go visit it and read entries like that – and it’s like she single-handedly banishes any brain fog I may have.

14. Mimi Smartypants. I won’t forget the thrill when I first discovered her. I felt that weird little prickle up my spine … ohmigod … this is a truly FUNNY writer. They are so rare that I treasure them when I find them. For example: her book review of The Lorax. Tears of laughter, I am telling you, tears!


The woman’s brilliant.

15. Sarah K. I love Sarah K. I love how free she is with her blog – she chats to it, she shares her life with us, she gives us details, recipes, she is obsessive about Alias, and American Idol (this is just ONE example) … she just seems like an awesome person, and her personality sparkles off the page. I enjoy “hanging out” with her, virtually.

16. Tassy from Spread the Pink. A pink-haired sexy girl who lives openly on the web – no holds barred. I am thankful to another awesome blogger –the Mighty Jimbo (I should do a praise-list for boy bloggers on my blog-roll next! This is fun!!) – for pointing me her way. He’s got pictures of Tassy up here and here. (He’s an incredible photographer, in general.)

17. My friend RTG – back to blogging after a hiatus. She blogs about politics – but it’s her fiction and her essays that leave me drooling for more. She’s a scrumpdiddlyumptious writer. Every word tastes good, seriously. This one almost made me weep. And then fascinating glimpses of her life in posts like this one. RTG understands structure. Her posts always have it.

18. Roo. I love Roo. I read all of her posts – but check out stuff like this. She’s a costume designer. It’s great to get glimpses of her work. I love artists. She is one, and I love to see whatever it is she’s working on.

19. Joan. As in Joan Crawford, as you can tell. A rated-X blogger, for the most part! Flirty, fun, informative, and fearless. I love Joan – she’s got a beautiful writing style, and her comments section has a vibe to be admired. Full of old friends, and admirers. Very little friction – it’s really fun to hang out there. She’s another one, like RTG – her personal posts have structure. I read her every day. And then there’s this post in memory of her grandmother who had just passed away. Joan’s special. I love her stuff. She also started a project called Seven Inches of Service – an amazing blog carnival written by a group of military wives and girlfriends.

20. The Bunny Blog! Too much to even talk about. Just go over there and start reading her archives. Amazing writer.

21. My girl Lisa!!! Who has just posted pictures of herself with these words: “I leave you to ponder just how massive my hair was in the late 80s.” I love that woman. Never met her, but I consider her a friend. One of my favorite things about Lisa is that she found my blog by Googling “St. Elmo’s Fire fan club”. I mean … seriously. She’s a kindred spirit.

22. Sars at Tomato Nation. The woman is an industry unto herself. And she’s one of those people who seems to be just wired comedically – she sees things in a funny way – and better than that: she is able to explain all of that to us in a way that makes US laugh. She’s a true gem of the Internet. If you’re not checking in with her on a daily basis to see what’s going on over there – then I honestly don’t know what to say to you about your own deficiencies.

23. Tracey at Worship Naked. Seriously, you have GOT to start reading this woman, if you are not already. We’ve got the American Idol hilarity (here’s just one example) – we’ve also got her beautiful posts on neat artwork she has found on the Web – like this one on paper and her whole artists trading card obsession … Tracey’s the kind of person who gets so passionate about things that she transfers that to the reader. It is totally infectious. And then she is also capable of breaking your heart in a million pieces. I mean – wow. I always feel honored that she lets me into her world. Seriously. It’s an honor.

I’ve skipped many worthy people – I just, frankly, went down my blogroll and yanked out people. There are more – if I left you off, IT MEANS NOTHING.

This has been brought to you by the Foundation for Celebrating the Women Bloggers in all Their Diversity!!

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49 Responses to Remember The Ladies

  1. citywendy says:

    Sheila, thanks for this list — you just made my job much easier for when we start searching for the next volume of The Very Best Weblog Writing anthology (!!

  2. red says:

    Yay!! And congrats on that project, by the way – so so cool!!!

  3. MFS says:

    What a delight to see your endorsement and kind words, Sheila. Many, many thanks!

    MFS (Mental multivitamin)

  4. Thank you, dear Sheila! I read many on your list already but I’ll be sure to check out the ones I have missed. I love lists of recommended blogs. You’re always guaranteed to find something new and awesome.

    I’ll have to go read Mary’s post but right off the bat, all I can say is… PFFFFT! To add insult to injry, I’ll get my niece to launch a few armpit farts in her general direction. She’s mastered it by now, you know.

  5. De says:

    I can’t believe I get included here! You know I have nothing but mad love for you!

  6. ricki says:

    Yeah, I saw that article (and Emily’s rebuttal) too.

    And frankly – why should we care that there aren’t “that many” women political bloggers (although I bet if they LOOKED they would FIND). It’s not like there’s some patriarchy in this country (regardless of what some on the extremer reaches of feminism would say) that are stifling female voices.

    I would hate to see some kind of quota system imposed. Because, you know, if someone writes well and their topics interest me, I don’t care if they’re male, female, transgendered, both, neither, an alien from the planet Zorg…

    It’s just, typically, women are interested in different stuff. I actually read very few political blogs these days, mainly because the polarization expressed is bad for my blood pressure levels and my general sense of well-being.

    There are all kinds of fascinating “culture” blogs (like yours), craft-blogs (oh, those I love, I could lose an entire day just surfing around and seeing all the fantastic creative stuff people do), librarian-blogs (which I guess would fall under culture blogs), blogs where people talk about what they do every day, blogs where people post bits of their writing and ask for input….

    Really, I think the blog-revolution is not in the “New Media” or the political blogs or anything like that. I think where it’s really having an effect on peoples lives is the connectedness…the fact that you can reach out and search and you will find someone who knows the answer to some obscure question you have. Or who remembers some book that affected your childhood deeply. Or who has gone through the same tsuris that you are now going through.

    it’s kind of like, being in a small town, a very DIVERSE small town, but a small town where people’s noses aren’t all in your business involuntarily – people share what they want to and can remain anonymous if they want to.

  7. Emily says:

    Thanks for your kind words, Sheila.

    Iain Dale linked to another doozy in the Guardian complaining about the same thing. Even worse, this one whines about how someone had once made a flippant (and inappropriate, IMO) response to a Polly Toynbee column asking if it was “her time of the month.” The author argues if she were a man, nobody ever would have thought of writing such a thing. Well, duh. Do you think it might be because MEN DON’T MENSTURATE? It would be as useless an insult as calling a woman “dickless.” Jeez, these people really need to lighten up.

    Great list of chick blogs, BTW. I should read more of them.

  8. Lisa says:

    Thanks for the shout-out! Grrl power!

    (Aw, that made me miss Grrl from Chez Miscarriage. ::sob::)

  9. red says:

    Lisa – totally. What a writer she was (and is still, I’m sure!) I hope all is well with her.

  10. Lisa says:

    Ah, but Ken — Cliff Lee. I live in his hometown, and it sounds like he’s doing us proud.

  11. Lisa says:

    Damn. That should be in the Coco Crisp thread.

    Behold my writing brillance!!!!

  12. Lisa says:

    And spelling brilliance, too!

  13. red says:


  14. jess says:

    Sheila, thank you so much for the kind words. I am honored to be part of your list. And grateful that you picked a totally filthy post to represent me ;)

  15. red says:

    hahaha Oh no!!! heh heh heh heh

    Okay – so everyone also needs check out Jess’ posts on Rachel Ray – and … well, basically everything she writes, mkay?

  16. red says:

    De – you’re amazing! I still sometimes go back to my Dave Grohl post and revel in your stories of him in the comments. :)

  17. red says:

    //Really, I think the blog-revolution is not in the “New Media” or the political blogs or anything like that. I think where it’s really having an effect on peoples lives is the connectedness.//

    Ricki – I really think you’re onto something there.

  18. beth says:

    thanks so much for including me and for your kind words. that woman is, as the brits say, daft. one of those op/ed writers who doesn’t seem to get that “opinion column” doesn’t mean “don’t bother to do research.”

  19. red says:

    beth – bwahahahahahahahaha

  20. I love that Beth just said daft. I usually only hear my Scottish parents say that. As in, “Ach! Curly, don’t be daft!”


  21. red says:

    OH and if you’re a chick on my blogroll and I DIDN’T include you – it’s only because it took me forever to post what I just did – and I just cherry-picked down the blogroll. Nothing personal!!

  22. red says:

    curly – I need to meet these parents. :)

  23. If not Tuesday, then I’ll arrange a meeting! We can have drinks at St. Andrew’s or something.

  24. sarahk says:

    thanks so much for the glowing review, red! you’re too kind to me.

  25. Jen says:

    It’s a great list! I love finding new people to read, and this is a good start. And Mimi Smartypants? OHMYGOD I have the biggest girl crush on her. I want to move to Chicago and ask her to be my best friend PLEASE.

  26. Anne says:

    Yes, thanks Sheila. I always need encouragement. You know I love your writing too.

  27. Steve Ely says:

    Sheila, it’s pretty astonishing, in light of the contrary evidence you present, that Dejevsky actually claims, “It is not just in the political sector, as you call it, that fewer women blog. Except in areas such as childcare and gynaecology, it is across the board that women bloggers are few and far between.” What the hell?

  28. Thanks for the list! Lots of great blogs in there – some I haven’t been to before. Lots of inspiration as I am a fedgeling at it who pretty much has no idea what she’s doing.

    I’ve had many people say things to me about how “there aren’t a lot of blogs” by or about a certain group or topic and honestly – it’s just a matter of looking. There is so much variety in the blogosphere (and lots of it from us womenfolk – as indicated by your fabulous list). I really don’t feel like we are under-represented. There are a lot of women blogging!

    I find the variety of topics and people blogging fascinating. I get onto blog searches and type in random stuff like “School House Rocks” or “sewing” or whatever pops into my noggin and always find oodles of bloggy goodness.

  29. Dave E. says:

    Nice smackdown and great list. Very convenient for me too, as I update a few things this weekend.

  30. Nightfly says:

    We should get Mary Dejevsky together with Kathleen Parker, so they can commiserate.

    I mean, just LOOK at that headshot of Ms. Parker. Worth 1000 words with a few ‘grafs to spare…

  31. De says:

    Oh wow! I just realized! I’m #12 and 12 is my favorite/lucky number! How funny!

    I need to blog about some of my other Dave Grohl memories!

  32. THL says:

    I love you :) Thanks for including me on such a fabulous list.

  33. red says:

    Nightfly – wow. You’re right about that headshot. Is she aware of how smirky it looks??? Does she care?

  34. red says:

    Steve – exactly. What the hell?? She can’t have surfed around all that much if she finds examples of female bloggers only in childrearing or gynecological areas – and frankly I’m insulted by that. Seriously.

    I think, too, that some people think you need to blog in a GENRE. So you can join up with other people who blog in that GENRE.

    But if you have a mix of content … some people don’t know what to do with you. But that’s just silly. Again: this is a BLOG. Meaning: it’s my HOBBY. It has no GENRE. It is just whatever pops into my head.

    Most of the women I list there blog about all KINDS of things – they don’t limit themselves to one “genre”.

    Also, I think it’s pretty cool that they run the gamut of the political spectrum. I’m into HUMANITY, not how someone votes.

    I don’t give a shit if someone votes the same way I do if they are a complete and utter moron. But again, with blogging – you see people lining up in little political queues. It seems incredibly boring to me – but I suppose it’s fun for those bloggers – so who am I to say.

    No fun for me, though. Count me out.

  35. red says:

    De – Oh God, please. Please. More Dave Grohl.

  36. red says:

    Also – sorry, one more comment on your comment, Steve – or, actually – it’s just a comment on Mary’s complaint about seeing women mostly blogging about kids and vaginas (or whatever it was she said) –

    Here’s my comment:

    WHO SAYS that “childrearing” or “gynecological topics” are not valid blogging? Who decides that? Why is a mom blogging about her issues with raising 2 kids or a mom blogging about her newborn seen as somehow “less” than someone who links to a New York Times article and then writes one sentence bitching aobut the “MSM”? Why should a mother who blogs about raising her children be … seen as “less” of a blogger than someone else?

    That kind of elitism PISSES me off.

    I don’t have kids – but I read a lot of “mommy” blogs because a lot of those women can WRITE. They kick the asses of some of the political boy-club blogs as well.

    I see no reason to feel embarrassed that women blog about women-things that interest them. Honestly!!!


    heh heh heh heh

  37. tracey says:

    Oh, Sheila, no — THIS is an honor. Thank you. *Heart crack*

  38. Joan says:

    Shelia…thanks for the inclusion. I’m sure my Southern Baptist Mama would be so proud of my talent for bringing more smut into the world. ;-)

    (But hey, when the 101st ABN DIV and a group of SEALS start sending you naughty presents just for “teaching them things” in their umm downtime, it makes up for all the nasty emails I get from people telling how I am tarnishing the blogosphere with my X-rated self.)

    The blogosphere would be seriously lacking in grace (even if it’s a dirty grace) without all the great female bloggers you mentioned above…and most especially, you. You are an inspiration.

  39. red says:

    Joan – I love that you’re pen pals with all these servicemen – and you’re “teaching them things” – seriously!

    You’re such a beautiful soul – it comes out in your writing. :)

  40. red says:

    tracey –

    You and I are queen of heartcracks!!! So so glad I discovered your blog – however it came about – I can’t even remember now!

  41. tracey says:

    I think you thought I was peddling religious porn, remember?

  42. red says:

    hahahahahahahahahaha that’s right!!! I saw your URL in my referral log and I was like … wha????

    Imagine my delight when I saw that it was you regaling us all with tales of doing Annie at Drama Camp, etc.


  43. tracey says:

    Yes, I should have clarified. It’s not like you were clicking around the ‘net saying, “Hm, gotta get me some religious porn,” but, yes, you saw my blog name in your URL because I’d been visiting here. That’s how it happened! Hahahaha!

  44. red says:

    hahahahaha Yeah, I spend all my free time surfing for religious porn. It’s true.

  45. roo says:

    “Religious Porn” is almost as good a name for a blog as “Worship Naked”…

    Red, thanks for putting me on your list of blogging chicks– you’re tops on mine.

    Let’s hear it for the proud ladies of the Interweb!

  46. Sal says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for the link to Roo. Got into costume design (in a tiny way) by chance and am loving it as a later life vocation. Never will be *that* good, though.

    Two blog words: The Anchoress

  47. red says:

    Sal – I love introducing people to Roo’s site, so I’m really glad you like it. Her work is really quite stunning. If you scroll back through her archives, you’ll see some of it – and it’s kind of jaw-dropping!!!

  48. Nightfly says:

    You know, it just occurred to me – hasn’t this woman even heard of Wonkette? She only founded one of the ten most-visited sites on the entire Internet – doesn’t she get some notice, even though she left the site to others?

  49. red says:

    Yeah, really.

    Or Dooce? Who is maybe the most famous blogger of all?

    Or does she not count because she writes about being a mom?