2007 self portrait

and my own nod to a certain handheld horror movie that I saw with my dear friend Kate and she actually had to leave because she got motion sickness … and I believe that I stayed to watch the rest of it … instead of leaving the theatre with her … which seems quite insane … but that is how I remember it. If that is the case, Kate, please accept my belated apology. What a jagoff thing to do.

Anyway, I got tagged by Missy a shamefully long time ago – and I have not experimented yet with my little camera on my Mac yet …

so here it is. I am not smiling, but why would I be smiling when I am so terrified?

Terror in the woods.

By Sheila O’Malley (eyebrows by Eric)

Photo 17.jpg

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18 Responses to 2007 self portrait

  1. Emily says:

    The first time I saw that movie, I thought it was one of the most intense, disturbing, and scariest things I’d ever seen. If memory serves, I believe I also got sick afterwards.

    The second time I saw it, I thought it was the most boring thing I’ve ever seen. Except for the homicidal urges I had toward that screeching Heather chick.

  2. Brendan says:

    Now every ding-dong who can shake a camera lens thinks they are scaring you.

  3. tracey says:

    Your eyeball is terrifying. Also, could your eyebrow be more perfect? I do hope your other one lives up to the high standard set by this one.

  4. tracey says:

    Between your huge eyeball and my rubber hand, we are truly alarming. Hahahahaha!

  5. Erik says:

    “jagoff” is such a great word. no one used that word in california. i think it’s an east coast thing. but we need to appropriate it.

  6. red says:

    It’s a Chicago thing, I think – but it is an all time favorite of mine and I really try to spread the word.

    It’s also quite effective if you just call someone a jag. That’s even MORE contemptuous!!

  7. red says:

    tracey – my eyebrow is indeed perfect thanks to the maestro Eric – and yes, my other one is quite lovely as well. If it weren’t for him I would practically have a unibrow.

    Isn’t the sepia tone of my photo just lovely?

    There are so many cool doohickeys on this here computer.

  8. red says:

    bren – hahahaha

    and we all know how Blair Witch 2 turned out! Poor Jeff. :(

  9. red says:

    Emily – I had the same experience – I thought it was sooooooo scary the first time I saw it and it totally did not hold up the second time around. Weird.

  10. red says:

    and tracey – hahahaha with your rubber hand!!

  11. PatrickP says:

    That Missy has five children! Very respectable!

  12. Missy says:

    Hahaha! Lovin’ it. You know, I think I liked the Scooby Doo version of that film best.

  13. DBW says:

    I find “jagweed” and “jagger” are also quite useful.

  14. Kate says:

    I think I . . . oh, God. Wait–

    mmmnnn. . . .uuunnnnhhh. BAAAAAAARRFF.

  15. red says:

    Kate – hahahaha do you remember that?? this was during your brief sojourn living here. It was at the movie theatre in Chelsea …

    Do you remember if I left with you? it seems horribly rude for me to be like, “yeah, whatever, barf-girl … I paid 10 bucks for this movie and I’M STAYIN’.”


  16. Alex says:

    I loved that movie so much I had a fall down, full on, scream match with Chrisanne that it was REAL and those people needed to be FOUND and why weren’t people LISTENING!

    I’m an ass.

  17. red says:

    alex – hahahahahahahaha

    I am trying to picture Chrisanne trying to reason with you. That is so hysterical!!!

  18. Kate says:

    I can’t remember if you saw the rest or not. Maybe you had seen it before? I don’t know. And whatever, OF COURSE you should have stayed. Only an a-hole like me would get the hurls.