Wings of the Dove Lady

Wings of the Dove Lady is not really a good name for this character, but that was what I started calling her in my head, so I’ll stick with that. But let’s put it another way. She is rich. She is arrogant. She spends months traveling in Europe, with a retinue of servants and maids following her luggage about. She toys with people. She is cunning, sexually knowing, and manipulative. She is nobody’s fool. She is loved by many men. It is their great misfortune to love her. She has not loved anyone. Ever. She loves power and power alone.

She is up to no good. Watch your back around this woman.

Photo 131.jpg

The look in her eyes here kind of says it all.

Photo 136.jpg

Don’t be fooled by her laugh. It doesn’t mean what laughs normally mean.

Photo 140.jpg

She prefers night to day. For obvious reasons.

Photo 146.jpg

Back in London, a woman who was once her lady’s maid, writes fervently in her secret journal, hidden in a box at the back of her closet: “Someday … someday … this icy woman will be revealed for who she really is. Please God, please. Let it be so.”

Photo 153.jpg

In the dictionary, beside the word “haughty”, should be a photograph of this woman.

Photo 156.jpg

She is quite aware of the effect she has on men, and she uses it.

Photo 159.jpg

With all of her schemes and machinations, she has perfected what we would call, in our day and age, the attitude of “plausible deniability”. Nothing can be pinned on her. And she knows it.

Photo 154.jpg

She will die unloved and unmourned.

Photo 162.jpg

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7 Responses to Wings of the Dove Lady

  1. i hope you don’t mind me saying…

    stunning, absolutely so, especially photo #2

  2. tracey says:

    She is almost diabolical.

  3. Nightfly says:

    She’s got Bette Davis eyes! You know she smokes – even though she hates cigarettes, she knows how to smoke them to grab attention.

  4. Ceci says:

    Wow, the first two pics are stunning! Great characterization; the look in the second pic is just… it gives me the chills, hahaha!

  5. Ken says:

    Here she comes
    Better watch your step
    She’s gonna break your heart in two–it’s true…

  6. miker says:

    Those first two photos are incredible!

    You do have the advantage of a beautiful subject with whom to work, but there’s some major artistic inspiration at work there as well. Wings Of The Dove Lady won’t die unloved, though. We may hate ourselves for loving her, but resistance of that countenance is a futile endeavor. ;-)

  7. Character development

    I’m not sure, but this is what I have so far. These are to be added to other characters I have created with Mac Photo Booth, one of the best toys ever for a bored narcissist like myself. Alexa: Peter…