Pleading Woman

Pleading Woman is more of an emotional state than an actual character. She is upset about something. She is rather melodramatic. She is pleading. She is hurt. Pleading for: a second chance? To be loved? To stop the pain?

Hopefully Pleading Woman will move on from this moment in time. But for now, here she is.

Pleading Woman is stricken.


She can’t believe it.


“Why?” she asks. “Why?”


Trying to accept.




The first cut is the deepest.


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3 Responses to Pleading Woman

  1. mere says:

    you’ve gotten the descriptions of the expressions perfect!

  2. red says:

    Has anyone seen Lost Highway? I remind myself of Robert Blake here (evne just thinking about him in that movie gives me the creeps). Especially the photograph under the caption “Stunned”.

    I was hoping I would look teary-eyed and vulnerable – but instead I look like a mime who has seen something terrifying.

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    I’m not sure, but this is what I have so far. These are to be added to other characters I have created with Mac Photo Booth, one of the best toys ever for a bored narcissist like myself. Alexa: Peter…