Books Read This Week

Hitch-22: A Memoir, by Christopher Hitchens
Arguably: Essays by Christopher Hitchens, by Christopher Hitchens
Love, Poverty, and War: Journeys and Essays (Nation Books), by Christopher Hitchens (this was a re-read)
Opium Season: A Year on the Afghan Frontier, by Joel Hafvenstein

In the mood for bracing, opinionated and difficult stuff. Now reading Selected Letters of Rebecca West, (one of my idols), and am so delighted to find them HILARIOUS. Also heart-wrenching at times, and viciously incisive. She is so so funny on America. Mean, and yet awestruck. She loves it, she hates it, and what she hates … and HOW she hates it … DELICIOUS. (One of my favorite quotes from her masterpiece Black Lamb and Grey Falcon is this. I agree wholeheartedly.) But it’s her comedic sensibility that really really pleases me. I am laughing out loud reading it.

Gearing up for our nor’easter. I got Internet back this afternoon. Many people re-gained electricity today. Hunker down again.

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