What a Difference a Week Makes

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  1. Bethann says:

    Yep, that first picture looks pretty common when a hurricane is approaching. We see this sight at least several times times a summer and after the storm, a lot of the the times, the stores are running gigantic generators that they have so that folks can shop. I do not know how thing are for you specifically, but I am reading about the millions still without power. I pray that powereverywhere is returned soon and that no more super snow storms are on the way until everyone has adequate shelter.

  2. sheila says:

    In re, the picture: I grew up in Rhode Island. I have been thru many hurricanes.

    But thanks for your concern. The gas situation is still rather stressful (esp. in NY although they are now doing odd-even rationing too), and there are many many who still have no power.

    And at least the weather is warmer today than it has been … for the last couple of days the real emergency was getting people winter coats/blankets – not enough at ALL at the shelters, etc. But still: it’s a very tense situation in many areas. There is still no heat at my office, and all kinds of other problems. I haven’t worked in 2 weeks.

  3. Bethann says:

    Oh no, sorry if you thought I was being disengenious. Actually, someone posted something lastweek saying that this looked like picture sof the bread line on the USSR back in the day rather than a typical hurricane sight. My sincere apologies Sheila. I never meant to insinuate that you hadn’t or didn’t had your fair share of hurricanes. But our prayers are with you and your ravaged city. I know what is seen in the media is not always what everyone is actually experiencing, but it is heartbreaking nevertheless to such devestation.

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