Boys Minute: Peter Giles on The Art of Voiceover Acting

This is awesome and very funny. Peter Giles is a “celebrated voiceover artist” – “but you knew that the moment I said ‘Oh, hey.'”

Peter Giles makes a great living doing voiceovers (and when you hear his fabulous voice, you totally understand why). He also played Jack, the lead male role, in the Los Angeles reading of my script, and is a fantastic actor. He brought so much to the part, such heart, such humor. He was an object lesson in “going deep fast”. We didn’t have a lot of time. We had four rehearsals. The two actors needed to connect to the script, to each other, and themselves in the part immediately. He did that. He was tireless in asking questions, in sharing himself in rehearsal, and he was so exciting to watch. It was a joy working with him, and he was so important in lifting that part up off the page, and letting it find its legs. As a voiceover guy, he obviously spends most of his time in a sound booth. But it just makes you think about all of the talented people out there, finding their light, making a living, living the dream.

Here, he is interviewed (well, not really) for a series called “Boys Minute”, where he demonstrates his craft.

Peter, you’re awesome.

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