Memphis Walk

Union Avenue

Sun Studio


Strip joint

Memphis, New Year’s Day

Eerie emptiness


Wonder Bread

Memphis Redbirds

The Pyramid

River boat

History, at the end of the block

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9 Responses to Memphis Walk

  1. Desirae says:

    It really does look like a zombie movie, just before the protagonist is faced with the first horde of undead. I love the old style signs and billboards – I can see what you mean about the history of the place being retained.

  2. John Hale says:

    Sheila, thank you so much for the article and pics. Although I’m a California boy, now living in the Bay Area, I grew up in Memphis, and I still have relatives and a friend or two there. If you get the chance don’t miss the band, Freeworld. They’re a great Memphis group and they play a lot on Beale Street and out in Germantown.

    Spooky seeing such empty streets. Your waterfront pictures were taken within a hundred yards or so of where my brother used to live on the riverfront with his family.

    Thanks for the memories!

    • sheila says:

      John – hello! I love love that riverfront area! I love how there’s the bluff and then down below is that park, and the walkway along the river. It’s just so scenic. So beautiful.

      I have loved my time here. It’s a welcoming place to outsiders.

  3. noel shine says:

    Sheila, I am enjoying your despatches from Memphis a lot. If I ever get to travel to Memphis I would do, as you are doing and experience it alone when going off the beaten track or at off-peak hours. I would bring family/friends but I would have to take that time out to see and “feel” the Memphis that has been conjured up within my imaginings from music and film references too. Tupelo would be a must in this regard. Have a happy and healthy new year.

    • sheila says:

      Yes, I have loved having the time to just hang out here, not just do tourist stuff, but actually have the time to just BE.

      I went to Tupelo! I was there on a Sunday morning, around 9 a.m., and it was a total ghost town. Literally: filled with ghosts. The frost was on the grass. I walked around. I found the hardware store where he got his first guitar. I got a feel for the place. I’ll post pics eventually.

      I also went to Horn Lake, Mississippi and tracked down the Circle G, which was a very interesting excursion.

      • Noel Shine says:

        Looking forward to your posts on Tupelo and Circle G. The quality of the Memphis photos(and writing) is first class. I always get a kick out of the fact that Elvis got his first guitar from a man called Bobo and that Vernon’s landlord was Mr Bean. Hope to get there some day. My only walking in the steps of Elvis experience was in Paris @ the Prince De Galles Hotel a few years ago and even that was magical. There is no rationale to it, but even my non-Elvis friends who were with me say that he has left some serious vibes in his wake ……..from 59/60. Yes we had been drinking.

  4. Mr. Lion says:

    Strip joint

    … what, no interior shots? ;)

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