Memphis Collage

Dawn, Confederate Park

Beale Street on a rainy night

A door to nowhere, somewhere in Memphis

Barge on the Mississippi

The old Ambassador Hotel ghost sign, Main Street

Reserved. For a legend.

I kept being drawn to this building off Main Street. It is clearly derelict, with vines crawling up the main staircase, and windows boarded up. BUT. The “Hotel” sign was lit up, and there was a Christmas wreath on the main door. It was all very Tennessee Williams.

On Beale

Front Street, sky threatening snow or rain, something

Two street names with powerful connotations in the Elvis Lexicon

Memphis Belle memorial, Veterans Park in Overton Park. I love how she is clearly just conquering the Nazi menace by her sheer fabulousness

Home base

They look freshly vacated

I had to go find the building that once upon a time was The Memphian, the movie theatre in Memphis that Elvis used to rent out and watch “Dr. Strangelove” 5 times in a row with 150 of his closest friends. It’s a bit out of the downtown area, on a side street, and is now the home of the Circuit Playhouse, a little Memphis repertory company. They just finished a run of “Santaland Diaries”. They kept the old art deco feel to the building, the chunky glass, the signage. I was there at around 8 in the morning, so I didn’t go inside, but that was okay. I just wanted to see it. You know me and old signage. It’s one of my favorite things.

Sometimes I would walk on Beale Street, looking around me at the sights. Other times, i would walk with my head to the ground, for obvious reasons. Every couple of steps, another legend.

The Arcade. Jen and I went there a couple of times during our trip. The first time I tried to go, it was so busy there was an hour wait. The next time I went, it was me and another guy, and that was it for customers. I love it there.

Keith Richards and a Bloody Mary at the Peabody Hotel

I will have nightmares about this Beale St. sign

Nerd alert! Here I am looking through the window at the old Lansky Brothers clothing store on Beale Street, just where Elvis as a teenager used to press his nose up against the glass, dreaming of the day when he could wear pink pegged pants and a “chartreuse fucking shirt” (to quote Sam Phillips). Nice dovetail: the Elvis banner in the background. In Memphis you always get those time-travel moments of blending.

Sitting on the banks of the Mississippi, with my coffee, and Keith Richards, and my writing notebook.

Memphis does appear prepared for the zombie apocalypse

Hello, American icon!

Everywhere you look, you see music. These are the doors to a drug rehab center.

I will never ever get enough of S. Main Street.

The rising sun hitting the trees in beautiful peaceful Court Park

Overton Park, one of my favorite places in Memphis. I spent a lot of time there.

The ubiquitous Pyramid. I can’t help but think of this.

God bless America.

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