Memphis Flash: Elvis’ Duds

Private Presley

This belt might be my favorite Vegas clothing item.

Worn at his Madison Square Garden press conference, 1972

The white suit, white shoes, Elvis wore to sing “If I Can Dream” at the end of the NBC special

Blue and white

Preacher man. Elvis wore this red suit for the “Saved” production number in the NBC special

Black and white

Boxing robe from “Kid Galahad”

The American Eagle jumpsuit, “Aloha From Hawaii”, 1973

Bell bottoms

The black leather suit worn by Elvis in the sit-down jam sessions in the NBC special.


He wore this in “Viva Las Vegas”

The American Eagle cape, worn during the “Aloha From Hawaii” concert in 1973

Those (male) critics who express dismay and embarrassment about the jeweled jumpsuits in the 1970s clearly don’t remember that Elvis chose to wear this at the age of 22.

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4 Responses to Memphis Flash: Elvis’ Duds

  1. Clementine Moriarty says:

    Sheila….What a super gift to Elvis fans on his Birthday!! Anything the man put on was inhanced…….with his magic! There will never be another….such as he. TYVM!

  2. sheila says:

    He was one of a kind, Clementine!! :)

  3. JessicaR says:

    I’m going to need a moment with that Mayan calendar jumpsuit, it’s almost too much to process.

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