The Graveyard of the Atlantic

This map, of Sable Island, is the most frightening map in the world.

Those little markings all around the perimeter are the dates of shipwrecks. (There are larger versions of this map online if you want to look closer.) Also, if you Google pictures of this terrifying place, it looks like a tiny fingernail clipping surrounded by ocean. It’s frightening from the air. But what a fascinating island (you need permission from the Canadian government to visit. I have always wanted to see it. There is no town or residents on Sable Island, although there is a team of meteorologists who do live there year-round). Sable Island is also inhabited by a herd of feral horses, descended from a herd of horses owned by John Hancock’s uncle. Incredible. But that map has been haunting me for 24 hours. If you’ve read The Perfect Storm you will be familiar with the tales of Sable Island (although in the movie of the same name, when they showed Sable Island, there were trees on it. Come on. Stop it.) Finally, after centuries of shipwrecks, two lighthouses were finally put up on Sable Isalnd, and the number of shipwrecks went down precipitously.

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2 Responses to The Graveyard of the Atlantic

  1. tracey says:

    That just gives me shivers.

  2. sheila says:

    Isn’t it just nightmarish?

    Completely surrounded.

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