Happy Birthday, Dolly Parton

An American original. This is my favorite Dolly Parton song, although I’m a huge fan of all of her stuff. But something about this song really speaks to me.

One small note on the clip above: what she reveals in between the :49 second mark and 1:04 is why I love her so much. Watch how she playfully slaps her own cheek, showing her joy in what she is doing, where she is, and who she is with. She loves her band, she loves her backup singers, she loves the audience. This is a woman who couldn’t, literally couldn’t, be anything other than what she is. Free, open, herself, boobs and wigs and plastic surgery and all. She is always herself. The surface does not hide the self. She’s a rare bird for that reason. Puts her in rare company. Integrity. Guts. Smarts. Sweetness. A thick skin. She’s got it all.

And she’s a hell of an actress, too.

Happy birthday, Dolly.

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