Corn Neck Road, Block Island

Taken January, 2010

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  1. Lisa in Fort Worth says:

    I was just looking at real estate on Block Island for fun, and thought I’d check to see what you where doing….go figure.

    • sheila says:

      No way!!

      Last year my sister informed me that the house I rented when I was out there was now on the market for $999,999 or something like that. Almost a million.

      Amazing. It was just a basic Cape (although I love Capes) – but it was on a pretty giant piece of land. Ahhh. I love it out there.

      • Lisa in Fort Worth says:

        I would love to live there too. I have a feeling if I ever do get to visit a cold, lonely, lovely beach, I’ll never come back to this city with traffic and boring office jobs. Could someone explain to me how a girl born in the midwest, lives in Texas can long for a beach they’ve never been too? I mean almost physically ill longing, the type that when you see pictures of a coast thats got the right light, you see the wind, and feel the chill, you would be there if it weren’t for “circumstances”.

        • sheila says:

          I totally get it.

          • sheila says:

            I do feel lucky that I live near the ocean – since I grew up around it, and would have a hard time being land-locked.

            Heaven would be to LIVE on a beach like that!!

          • Lisa in Fort Worth says:

            Can you imagine waking up to the surf every morning, just steps out your door? You’re right, heaven!!

            So for now I’ll live vicariously through you and your beautiful pictures of Block Island and New Jersey. Thanks for posting them.

  2. sheila says:

    Not to make you drool/ache even further, but sometimes I get lost in pictures of the beaches on the west of Ireland. Sooooo beautiful.

    • Lisa in Fort Worth says:

      Yes, I have the vacation planned for that, that’s what I do during down time at work, plan my beach vacation/new beach home. Northern Oregon, San Juan Islands, WA are in that folder too.

      • sheila says:

        I love planning vacations in my spare time. Many of mine involve Iran and Central Asia, so that’s a bit different.

        I’ve never been to the Pacific Northwest and it is definitely a place I want to visit.

  3. okra says:

    ” I mean almost physically ill longing, the type that when you see pictures of a coast “…

    There is something to be said for standing before one of natures great creations – and realizing that your problems, a mere microsecond in the lifespan of a grain of the sand that you’re standing on… don’t amount to much.

    You are reminded of this at most every turn on island. A view of the ocean. A wind-bent tree on the west side. An note at the labyrinth.

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