My Friends Have My Back

Email from my friend Allison (it’s one of the best emails I have ever received):

So I was backstage at Letterman with a dog star of one of our shows who was making an appearance (Norman, the French herding dog who rides a bicycle, in case you’re wondering)… and as we are done with the segment and walking up the stairs from the greenroom to leave, I hear someone crooning from the landing above, “He ain’t nothin’ but a hound dog….” And I hear another male voice, say “No, No, Man! Start again…you’re off.” and I round the corner to behold…well, I’m not exactly sure what I was beholding, but whatever it was, I had to get a picture….so I said, “hey fellas, you mind I take a picture of y’all for a pal who loves Elvis.” They happily obliged:

Wait for it…

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2 Responses to My Friends Have My Back

  1. Clementine Moriarty says:

    Sheila…great story from Allison! Elvis might have had his picture taken in that exact same spot! Lettermans stage is the same one that Elvis used back in ’56…’57. The Gold Jacket…speaks its’ own language……Pure Elvis…..with a Memphian Drawl!

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