Nabokov Playing Chess

I love this photo.

Vladimir Nabokov and his wife, Véra, 1966. Switzerland

Photograph by Philippe Halsman

(More cool chess photos on Slate)

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6 Responses to Nabokov Playing Chess

  1. Eric the...bald says:

    I love the one of Run-DMC playing chess on their bus. That is awesome.

    My daughter is in chess club at her school, and sadly I am her chess b*tch. I feel pride in her and humility at my own chess-related shortcomings.

  2. red says:

    I love that Run DMC one too! Awesome.

    And the one in India too – the blue walls, the red turbans – really neat.

  3. Eric the...bald says:

    Inspired by the hot springs pics from Hungary, I am totally taking a chess board to the pool this summer. Perhaps I should have it laminated first.

  4. JFH says:

    Ironically, THIS was the Final Jeopardy “answer” last night:

    Starting in 1948 at Cornell, he lectured on books written in his native language, like “Dead Souls” & “Anna Karenina”

    …and I didn’t have a clue, although all three contestants got it right… :(

  5. Nightfly says:

    Heh. The thermal baths. “Would you MOVE already? I’m wrinkling!”

    There’s also the famous and fabulous shot of the board sitting in the hallway of the jail while two arms reach out to make the moves… It’s seen in the introduction to Chessmaster 8000, but sadly I can’t capture it and share.

    So you’ll just have to settle for this: “I will kill him with my rook and magic bishop!”

  6. Kate P says:

    My sister would love that picture.

    (JFH, not to brag, b/c it rarely happens, but I managed to get that “question” right last night thereby impressing my mom who was visiting.
    And the contestants all spelled it “Nabakov”–I thought it was like Sheila’s spelling.)

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