How Winter Kills

Taken yesterday. Full set here

green in your love on bright days
you grew sunblind
you thought me unkind
to remind you
how winter kills
lost in daydreams
you drove too fast
and got nowhere
you rode on half fare
when you got too scared
how winter kills
tear at me searching for weak seams
pain in your eyes make me cruel
make me spiteful
tears are delightful
welcome your nightfall
how winter kills
i’ll tear at you searching for weak seams
how winter kills

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One Response to How Winter Kills

  1. phil says:

    I like 1712 the best.
    Like a giant on stilts in a walk through the landscape.
    Just standing and enjoying the room with a view.

    Your essay on Whitney singing the SSB gave me chills.
    How I long for the day when performers STOP singing it like a dirge. She IS perfect. As comedian Robert Klein said, it’s a four octave song written for a goose.

    Are you on facebook, Sheila?
    I am:

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