Sheila OMalley? NO.

No shit!

I have had all of those experiences described in the article.

I’m with you, ODowd. I have been there. Repeatedly. I have edited my own damn name, in order to make a computer “accept” me. I have succumbed to the idiocy of the computer programmers because I need to exist, in this world, and I need to be able to fill out forms and vote and get on planes. But I do it all UNDER PROTEST. Because I know my own name, thankyouverymuch, colonial vestiges or no. And last time I checked, there was an apostrophe in it. (Or to quote Izzard: “We pronounce ‘herb’ ‘H-erb’ – because there’s a fucking ‘h’ in it.”) Irish names have been around way longer than computers, and it’s not like we are a RECENT influx of immigrants and computers have to catch up with the blossoming demographic. Come on. We’ve been here since the beginning. It’s not OMalley. It’s just not! Additionally: to abbreviate my last name as “O” is incorrect. It’s Sheila O’M. This has been drummed into my brain repeatedly since I was a kid. So if someone unknowingly believes that O’Malley shortened is “O”, I feel I must correct them. It’s my name. There’s nothing casual about a name. It irritates me when I am FORCED to misspell it in order for a computer to recognize me. John Proctor haunts me in this regard.

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