Throwback Thursday


I’m 17, my boyfriend is 22, we’re going to my Prom, and I’m pissed. The drama going on behind the scenes is nearly personality-shattering in its entirety. It felt like the entire school was involved. Ridiculous, but whatever, I was 17. I also had a slight irritation in one eye for some reason causing some bloodshot distress, and I was furious about it. Why on this night of all nights do I have to have bright red shining eyeballs? Why, Lord, why? My game face is astonishingly good, don’t you think? (Kidding.) No pretending to smile for me! No posed pinning on of the corsage for me! Instead … we get this. Yeah. Tough Chick, Inc. In white gloves.

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  1. mutecypher says:

    Great scarf! Was it for Hiding the Hickeys or I Dare You to Strangle Me? Or just general Isadora Duncan flair?

    Had you already organized the special cheerleaders for the girls basketball team at that point?

    • sheila says:

      Oh yes, the cheerleading squad was up and running and in full flower at this point. My proudest high school accomplishment!

      This moment, however …

      Hmm. Not so proud. My poor parents.

      Isadora Duncan definitely played a part in the scarf. I think there was also some hickey awareness, but judging from my pose, my general attitude about them may have been like, “I don’t give a crap. Let them be seen. WHO CARES.”

      • sheila says:

        Also, I have no idea why I cut up the photo. It wasn’t like I was cutting my date out of it. He wasn’t even THERE at my parents’ house before the prom, which was part of the drama going on.

        So. My reasoning is lost in the mists of time.

  2. Brendan says:

    What is the DEAL with you and EYEBALLS on big occasions????

  3. brendan says:

    The Valentine Photo of an Eyeball????

  4. sheila says:

    Hahahahaha how could I forget???

    My eyeball like the red storm on Jupiter. Happy Valentines Day.

  5. You had cool parents, if they let you go out with a 22-year-old. When I was 17, a 22 wanted to date me, and he came out to the house and met my mother. (Honestly, I didn’t care anyway–I had him come out to the house because I was curious about what would happen, but at that stage of my life I really wanted to stay still and read.) They had a nice chat, at the end of which she said (nicely) that he was just too old for me. His response was “Well, but I’m very immature,” which I thought was hysterical. I wonder what happened to that guy.

    • sheila says:

      hahahahaha What a great answer!

      I had gone to high school with this guy – he was the star of the Drama Club – so we had known each other for years when we started dating. But yeah, I look back on it and think – Day-um, Mum, Dad, you were pretty chill about it.

      We’re still friends, despite all the D-R-A-M-A on that crazy night.

  6. Rachel says:

    I like the high fashion shrug pose you’re giving us here.

    • sheila says:

      Ha! Yes, very broke-down doll. But Tyra Banks would definitely get on me for my inability to “smize.”

  7. Rachel says:

    I don’t think bright, red shining eyeballs can smize. For what it’s worth, every occasion in my adolescence when it was imperative that I look SMASHING–with or without gloves–I got a cold sore.

  8. sheila says:

    //For what it’s worth, every occasion in my adolescence when it was imperative that I look SMASHING–with or without gloves–I got a cold sore. //

    Yes. It seems to be a universal truth! It still happens sometimes. Red shining eyeballs when there’s a party tonight? Why???

  9. Alex says:

    Sheila, it looks like you’re saying “Yeah, I’m pissed. Watcha gonna do about it, huh?”.

  10. sheila says:

    Yup, that was it pretty much. I went through the entire prom like that. I should have just stayed home with my red blazing irritated eyeball!

  11. Maureen says:

    Ha! I love the picture-you have a very “don’t mess with me vibe” going on.

    My parent’s wouldn’t even let me go out with a senior when I was a freshman! He came to the house, my dad met him, and when he left my dad said “no way, he is too old for you.”. I was actually relieved! The guy was very attentive, and I was very inexperienced (I was only 14) and like Jincy said-I was more interested in reading than in any kind of relationship. He was on the football team, and he was really way too much for me to handle at that point in time :)

    I do remember that safe feeling I had, being able to go to the guy and say “my dad says I can’t go out with you.”. I didn’t have to apologize or explain, it was what it was!

    • sheila says:

      Maureen – Ha! Yes, if only one could always rely on that excuse, even as an adult: “Sorry, guy, but my parents won’t let me go out with you!!”

      My guy was a pretty young 22. He didn’t even know how to drive, and had no car – which I think was a major factor in my parents okay-ing it. There would be no cruising about or … parking. :) We went out every Wednesday or Thursday night, walking up to the university from my parents’ house, where there was a Film Noir film series going on. That’s how I saw so many of the movies I love for the first time – Postman Always Rings Twice, Double Indemnity, Out of the Past … Then we would go out for pizza. Then he would walk me home.

      Clearly there was some hanky-panky going on, but not all that much!

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