To Elton John via Limo

Betsy won tickets and a limo ride to an Elton John concert off some radio contest. We were sophomores in college. Betsy’s father was (is) a priest (in fact, he just married my sister Jean and her now-husband Pat) – and his house and church were on the campus where I went to college. So I walked over there that night, and there was a huge limo waiting for us. A limo parked in front of the church, waiting for the pastor’s daughter and her friend.

We had so much fun.

Best of all was that we ran into Mitchell at the Civic Center, and we weren’t really friends yet, although we knew OF each other … and we were so excited to run into each other that I count that moment as really the first moment when I knew we would be friends. Well, that and us laughing at how bad we were at juggling.


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3 Responses to To Elton John via Limo

  1. susanna says:

    I love Betsy’s gimp bracelets!

  2. just1beth says:

    You two look so pretty in this picture- what a fabulous shot!

  3. red says:

    Beth – I remember I did that whole three-toned thing with my lips that was in at the time – light pink in the middle, darker pink on the outsides – some such malarkey. WAY too high-maintenance!!

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