Scanning Sunday

Shots from a ridiculously fun show I did about 10 years ago – it was a new play, a spoofy crime noir, with dialogue like Reservoir Dogs, and a mysterious character named “Gertrude” who is never seen, but is omnipresent, frightening. When Gertrude commands, you jump off the bridge. A mix of Pinter and Tarantino – a cast of five women (all awesome funny people) – and their characters all dressed either like floozies or glamour-girls – while I wore an old-fashioned navy blue man’s suit, a fedora, a tie, and I also chain-smoked Lucky Strikes. Everyone was afraid of me. I was completely humorless. It might be the most fun I have ever had on stage. It was never explained in the script why my character – a woman – dressed like Humphrey Bogart in a film noir in the 1940s, but I made up a whole story for myself about the whys and wherefores of the whole thing, and loved my costume, almost more than the play itself.

The whole thing was a blast. The script won a couple of nice awards, and that made me happy. It had a lot of wit.



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