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  1. John Vazlopes says:

    I live in Massapequa Park with my wife and two year old son and work for Whole Foods Market in Manhasset as a butcher and am always looking for a new place to deer hunt , is there any place on Block Island that you can recomend and i would gladly butcher and split the venison


  2. keith tracy says:

    “Life can become rote. I look to art to deepen my awareness. I have good friendships, a great family, and do not live life in shallow waters. I sometimes wish I were more shallow, it might be easier, but such as we are made. But things like art, or books, or movies, or painting, or poetry, can help me stop for a moment, and think. Or BE”.

    This is why I’m a secret admirer, our taste differs but I enjoy the way you express your passions.

    And, I have the same depth to my life that requires more beauty, more greatness, more feeling.

    Thanks for being you and having the ability to share, in such a way that others can participate.