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September 2016 Viewing Diary

Kicks (2016; d. Justin Tipping) Absolutely loved it. There have been so many excellent first-time directors making features this year. My review for Rogerebert.com. Kiss Me Deadly (1955; d. Robert Aldrich) I love this bizarre paranoid insanely phantasmagorical … film … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday to My Favorite Actor

As my friend Mitchell observed (in our conversation about Cary Grant – nee Archie Leach – linked to below): To this day, people say, “Oh so-and-so’s the new Cary Grant.” Cary Grant was acting in 1930. We’re talking 70 years … Continue reading

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Supernatural: Season 1, Episode 16: “Shadow”

Directed by Kim Manners Written by Eric Kripke “Sam, this is bigger than you think.” – John Winchester said. I’ll say. Shadow is one of the rare urban-setting episodes, which always seems to bring out interesting romantic things in the … Continue reading

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Peter Labuza Interviews Me for The Cinephiliacs Podcast: We Discuss John Cassavetes’ Opening Night

I had a great time talking with Peter Labuza for his wonderful Cinephiliacs podcast. You can download the episode here. We get into it! We talk about actors, movies, movie stars, John Wayne, Elvis, Judy Garland, gesture – and then … Continue reading

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Walter Burns, In All His Glory

I love gifs, and this one is particularly mesmerizing. From His Girl Friday of course.

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“Walter, you’re wonderful, in a loathsome sort of way.”

Cary Grant and Rosalind Russell in “His Girl Friday” Bright Wall/Dark Room is a new monthly movie magazine created by the team at Bright Wall/Dark Room. The latest issue has journalism as its theme, and they asked me to write … Continue reading

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Mel Brooks on Meeting Cary Grant: “Anyway, lemme tell ya the PUNCHLINE.”

For Mel Brooks’ birthday. Superb. As Mitchell said in our conversation about Burt Reynolds, I love people who know how “to be funny on the couch”. Those who come out to promote themselves, sure, that’s fine. But someone who comes … Continue reading

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The Streetcar of Fame, by Cary Grant

… as told to Peter Bogdanovich: Becoming a movie star is something like getting on a streetcar. Actors and actresses are packed in like sardines. When I arrived in Hollywood, Carole Lombard, Gary Cooper, Marlene Dietrich, Warner Baxter, Greta Garbo, … Continue reading

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“You’re getting a little normal.” – Howard Hawks to Cary Grant

From Who the Devil Made It: Conversations with Legendary Film Directors, by Peter Bogdanovich By the end of the film, would you say that [Cary] Grant has abandoned his scientific life? Well, let’s say he mixed it. He had an … Continue reading

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The Wonderful Weird WTF-Ness of Sylvia Scarlett

Sylvia Scarlett (1935, George Cukor) is such a weird movie. There. That is my critical assessment. Sylvia Scarlett has a strange charm, a weird dark magic, and it’s one of those films I actually want to live in. I want … Continue reading

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