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Summer Shuffle

… over a two-week period where I never stopped running around. Still no sign of things slowing down. Out to LA on Thursday for only three days. A whirlwind. Here’s the music that’s been in my ears over the last … Continue reading

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July & Half of August: Screening at Videology

Last Friday, we had a screening of July & Half of August at Videology in Williamsburg (Brooklyn). It’s a wonderful space with a bar in the front, a screening room in the back. You can have a party in the … Continue reading

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It’s his birthday today.

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— I have a new nephew. His name sounds like he stepped out of a medieval illuminated manuscript telling tales of ancient Irish warrior-kings. (County Mayo repreSENTS.) I can’t wait to meet him. Everyone’s doing great. — Just finished A … Continue reading

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Cousin Mike Answers Questions About TV

A fun interview with my cousin Mike O’Malley in The Boston Globe. I particularly love his automatic answer to the final question. I’d be hard pressed to disagree with him there. When I was in grade school, my swimming lessons … Continue reading

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My Parents’ Anniversary

My parents on their snowy wedding day. (That’s my O’Malley grandfather, known to his grand-kids as “Pop”, sitting in the background. If you’d like to see how spiffy Pop was, take a look at this treasured photo of my O’Malley … Continue reading

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Dr. Mars and the Holy Infants: Holiday Singles!

Dr. Mars is my cousin Liam’s awesome band. Their album, Stars in Our Favour is available on iTunes. Liam is an incredible songwriter, and even more than that, a walking music encyclopedia. Earlier this fall, Liam and a small group … Continue reading

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The Hollywood Reporter’s Favorite TV Episodes of 2015: Survivor’s Remorse

Good stuff, especially when you consider cousin Mike’s Survivor’s Remorse, and the episode where M-Chuck punches her brother Cam in the face sparking a nation-wide angst-ridden controversy about violence against men, made the list. It’s especially special because my cousin … Continue reading

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The 10 Best TV Shows of 2015

My cousin Mike’s amazing series Survivor’s Remorse (with my brother on the writing staff, as writer and story editor) has been chosen by The Village Voice as one of the 10 Best TV Shows of 2015. I love the comment … Continue reading

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35 Random Facts About Me

Yes, a meme. And yes, I have posted it before. And yes, it now reminds me of Welcome to Me. I would choose 35 different facts if I started it up today. But there are some pretty funny stories here. … Continue reading

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