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Transparent: 11 Emmy Nominations

My friend Alex, who is on the show, filmed this video of the Transparent cast and crew partying after the nominations were announced. Transparent got 11 nominations. Major. Congratulations to all!

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“You Seem Really Really Bitter. I’m Still Talking.” – Alexandra Billings

Things Are Going Great For Me with J. Claude Deering: Alex Billings (Transparent) – watch more funny videos “This seems very … frail.” Dying …

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“His” “Her”, etc.

My great friend Alexandra Billings weighs in beautifully on the Bruce/Caitlyn thing over at the Huffington Post. As we figure this out, all of us together, let’s try to keep in mind that the beautiful part of you is always … Continue reading

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Grounded, by George Brant, at The Public

Grounded, by playwright George Brant, tells the story of a cocky Air Force pilot, grounded initially because she got pregnant, and then transferred to what she calls “the chairforce,” pilots who sit in trailers on bases thousands of miles away … Continue reading

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At the Public Theater: Grounded, by George Brant

An old old friend of mine, George Brant, has written a play that just opened at The Public, and it’s directed by Julie Taymor and starring Anne Hathaway. It is called Grounded, and it’s already had successful runs all over … Continue reading

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Transparent wins Best Comedy Series at GLAAD awards

Transparent creator Jill Soloway accepted the GLAAD award for Best Comedy Series last night in a beautiful and fun speech, the stage crowded with cast/writers/crew/producers. And yes, my good friend Alex is up there as well. Congratulations to everyone! I … Continue reading

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The Cast of Transparent Post Golden Globes

The first question comes, and Jeffrey Tambor passes it right to Alex. And look what happens. The fact that he would pass it to her, and give her that space (“tell them what you just told me”) says worlds, says … Continue reading

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Golden Globes: Congratulations to Jeffrey Tambor and Transparent!

The mania of celebration on my Facebook feed can’t even be expressed. Seeing Alex up on that stage, looking beautiful, and centered, and emotional … as well as the mere fact of this beautiful show, what it signifies (let alone … Continue reading

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2014 Books Read

2014 was a good reading year. I re-read a lot of favorites, including Rebecca West’s 1200 page Black Lamb and Grey Falcon. There was a fun mix of re-reads and new stuff, of fiction and non-fiction. My year of being … Continue reading

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“Take the Scissors and Throw Them Because WHY DO YOU NEED THEM?”

My friend Alex is legitimately insane and totally brilliant. If you do not follow along with her Katie’s Corner series, where Katharine Hepburn gives various “how-to lessons”, you are missing out. (You are also missing out if you haven’t been … Continue reading

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