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“The New Yorker” on the Criterion release of Love Streams

“The movie is a mighty, intimate, kaleidoscopically subjective, bravely self-searching summation of a career, an era, and a life. For decades, it was a rare VHS tape, a treasured occasional revival screening, and, more recently, a covert YouTube treasure. Its … Continue reading

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John Cassavetes and Gena Rowlands and Love Streams

In a little bit over a month, John Cassavetes’ final film, Love Streams (1984), starring him and his wife/collaborator/muse/genius Gena Rowlands (who just turned 84) will finally be released on DVD, via Criterion, with a video-essay about Gena Rowlands’ acting, … Continue reading

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Sidney Lumet on Gena Rowlands

Gena Rowlands in “Opening Night” “The highest compliment I can pay to her–to anyone–is that the talent frightens me, making me aware of the lack of it in so many and the power that accrues to those who have it … Continue reading

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“I’m almost not crazy now.” – Gena Rowlands, Love Streams

It was Gena Rowlands’ 84th birthday on June 19. I was looking online for a trailer of Love Streams (1984), and there was one made although the film was never really properly distributed. But I did find a beautiful trailer … Continue reading

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“She has a large family … about 20. At last count.” – Gena Rowlands on Angelina Jolie

Gena Rowlands’ introduction speech to Angelina Jolie’s receiving of the Jean Hersholt Humanitarian Award at the 2013 Governors Awards. Jolie was one of three recipients, and unfortunately, they separated out these awards from the actual Oscar ceremony, a mistake, I … Continue reading

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John and Gena

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John and Gena

In 1992, Gena Rowlands gave an interview to Gary Indiana for Interview magazine. It was a generous interview, with a gorgeous spread of photographs, many of them taken by the legendary Sam Shaw (who took so many famous photos of … Continue reading

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Announcement: John Cassavetes’ Love Streams on Criterion

I’ve held back on sharing this news until Criterion made the announcement. John Cassavetes’ 1984 film Love Streams will be one of their August releases, and a video-essay, written and narrated by yours truly, will be included in the special … Continue reading

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Gena Rowlands in Opening Night

“So please. Tell me. Tell me what this play doesn’t express.” “Hope.” I had a great time talking with Peter Labuza for his Cinephiliacs podcast, and the final 25 minutes we spend talking about Cassavetes’ Opening Night. You can download … Continue reading

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Minnie and Moskowitz (1971); directed by John Cassavetes

I watch Minnie and Moskowitz, and I think, “Those two wackos have as much of a shot of ‘making it’ as anybody else.” The ending scene has always killed me. Suddenly, with no warning, it shows inclusion, it shows being … Continue reading

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