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Packing/Unpacking Montage

I haven’t been around these here parts much in the last 2 weeks. I moved to a new apartment on February 1 (and the move was somewhat unexpected. It all happened – finding apartment, applying, getting approved – in a … Continue reading

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Hope’s Presidential Portrait

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Do You See Me? Do You See What I’m Doing?

Hope in my sneakers box.

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How I Know It’s Summer

I walk into any given room in my apartment and this is what I see.

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An Irresistible Perfect Circle

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Stuff I’ve Been Reading

— There’s a new Jonathan Swift biography which sounds excellent. I very much enjoyed reading this review. — Fantastic essay on Grantland about the insidious “Man up” culture we’ve got going on and how dangerous it is. Not to mention … Continue reading

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— I took a bellydancing class with a friend of mine on Tuesday and it was extremely challenging, I was turned into a giant tomato-headed sweatball, wearing a drenched Elvis T-shirt, and I was still feeling it the next day. … Continue reading

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Snapshots, Sandy and Otherwise

— Walking down my street just now, I thought, “Hm. Something’s different … can’t quite put my finger on it.” Then realized that it’s because the power is back on. We have streetlights, and the houses have lights at night … Continue reading

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Hope Is a Huge Fan of Pre-Code Film

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All’s Right With the World Again

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