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Conversations with Mitchell, Part 5: Jean Harlow

Yesterday was Jean Harlow’s birthday. Here is a discussion Mitchell and I had about her. Here is the next installment in a long-running conversation-series with one of my best friends, Mitchell Fain. Former installments: Part 1: We discuss Justin Timberlake, … Continue reading

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Year in Review: Shooting My Mouth Off in 2016

I look at this and I wonder why I always feel like I haven’t done jack-squat. Or, at the very least, I could do more. Well, I always can do more. Regardless, here are links to some of the things … Continue reading

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“No bra, no panties, no problem!”

My friend Dan Callahan is always good but when he writes about acting, there is nobody else like him. His latest piece on Jean Harlow for The Chiseler is awesome.

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Red-Headed Woman (1932): “So Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, Do They?”

It’s Jean Harlow month on TCM, and tonight it starts off with Red-Headed Woman from 1932. I re-post here my review of this wonderfully disturbing movie. A movie with the courage of its convictions, with a great performance by Harlow … Continue reading

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Red-Headed Woman (1932); Dir. Jack Conway

Jean Harlow is unforgettable as the amoral ruthless “Lil” in this Pre-Code film, unclassifiable as drama, comedy or romance. There is a lightness to the tone, an insouciant devil-may-care quality, that makes one think one is watching a comedy, but … Continue reading

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Libeled Lady (1936): It’s So Funny When William Powell lies

In Libeled Lady, William Powell plays Bill Chandler, a guy hired (or, actually, RE-hired) by newspaper editor Warren Haggerty (played by Spencer Tracy) to basically set up heiress Connie Allenbury (played by Myrna Loy) for a big fall, so that … Continue reading

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What a Mug

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Happy Place: Cary Grant

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“I ain’t so tough”

So said by legendary tough-guy James Cagney as Tom Powers in The Public Enemy. Lileks has a post up right now with a ton of great stills from The Public Enemy (including the improvised grapefruit-in-face scene) and here’s some of … Continue reading

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